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Wild Blueberries: Resurrection Food

Wild blueberries are the most powerful food on the planet. Wild blueberry plants can be burned to the ground, and they will come back stronger than ever. They have adapted to every fluctuation in climate over the millennia. No other food on the planet has the ability to thrive in such trying conditions. This makes them the number-one adaptogen, period—even though they’re not recognized as an adaptogenic food at all.

Wild blueberries are fantastic at helping to remove toxic heavy metals, radiation, DDT, pesticides, and other toxins. They are also anti-pathogenic. Wild blueberries are a helpful cancer preventative food and help protect you from disease.

Wild blueberries have the highest proportion of antioxidants of any food on the planet. They’re armed with dozens of antioxidant varieties that science does not yet know about. When you eat these berries, their innate intelligence reads your body, searches out potential disease, monitors your stress and toxicity levels, and figures out the best way to help you heal—it is the only food that does that.

Wild blueberries are also the most powerful brain food in existence, the most potent prebiotic there is, and a star at helping to restore the liver.

Wild blueberries are the food you want in your life when you’ve been through the unthinkable and need the support to rise up again. It’s also for anyone who needs a physical boost or strives athletically.

How To Use:

Enjoy wild blueberries in the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. Eat them frozen, defrosted, or fresh alone or with raw honey or other fruits. Add them to salads, dressings, smoothies, desserts, juices, or other drinks. You can also consume wild blueberries as pure wild blueberry juice and pure wild blueberry powder.

For more information on the healing properties of wild blueberries and the symptoms and conditions it can help with, check out the New York Times best-selling book, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables, and the other books in the Medical Medium series.


Apricots: Rejuvenation Fruit

The apricot is an amazing food for rejuvenation. It’s high in amino acids such as cysteine and glutamine, as well as minerals such as selenium and magnesium in their most bioactive forms. The fruit is also loaded with more than 40 trace minerals, some of which are bonded to each other as cofactor trace minerals, creating bioactive natural alloys that science has yet to uncover.

Apricots have phytochemical compounds that attach and bind themselves to chemical molecules such as DDT deep within the body, which can help with cancer prevention.

Apricots are a B12-enhancing food, meaning they eliminate unhelpful elements in the digestive tract that get in the way of the body’s healthy B12 production.

When you eat an apricot, the skin collects and destroys mold, yeast, unneeded Candida, and other detrimental fungus in the body, plus the skin is high in enzymes and coenzymes that are DNA-protecting. An apricot’s flesh thwarts the gut’s production of ammonia, a destructive gas that can leach through the walls of the intestinal tract and cause problems throughout the body, from brain fog to dental issues. (This condition is called ammonia permeability, and it is as yet unknown to science. I cover it in detail in Medical Medium.)

Apricot is a warming food and an energy stabilizer that boosts the growth of red blood cells, strengthens your heart, and nourishes your brain. When your reserves are low from pushing yourself to the limit, turn to apricots—they’re a sensational life bring-back food.

How To Use:

Apricots are so energy-shifting that you only need to eat one to enjoy its benefits. When dealing with a health condition, though, try to consume four apricots daily for support and healing.

For more information on the healing properties of apricots and which symptoms and conditions it can help with, check out the New York Times best-selling book,Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables, and the other books in the Medical Medium series.


Atlantic Dulse: Heavy Metal & Radiation Remover

Dulse from the Atlantic ocean is a fantastic food for helping to remove toxic heavy metals, radiation, pesticides, and other toxins from the body. Atlantic dulse is one of the five key foods in the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox.

This seaweed binds to mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium, and nickel. Unlike other seaweeds, Atlantic dulse is a powerful force for helping to remove mercury on its own. Atlantic dulse goes into deep, hidden places of the digestive tract and gut, seeking out mercury, binding to it, and never releasing it until it leaves the body.

Atlantic dulse is a critical part of the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox team because it can hang out near the finish line (i.e., our colon), waiting for the other foods that have been grabbing on to heavy metals along the way. It serves as emergency backup, helping ensure that all the heavy metals that made it as far as the colon actually leave the body.

The iodine in Atlantic dulse can be very helpful for boosting the immune system. It’s also an antiseptic for the thyroid, working together with zinc to help stop a viral infection in the thyroid, bringing down thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid) in the process. Sea vegetables such as dulse also help protect the thyroid from radiation’s effects, help remove radiation from the thyroid, and can be a helpful cancer preventative.

Atlantic dulse also improves the potency of the liver’s bile production, helps with deficiencies, and can help protect against pathogens.

How To Use:

Eat two tablespoons of flakes daily, or an equal amount of strips if it’s in whole-leaf form. Use Atlantic dulse in the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie or add it to salads, dips, or dressings, or simply snack on the whole leaf strips. Add any of the sea vegetables to broths, soups, grains or beans while cooking for extra minerals. Sprinkle dulse and kelp flakes on top of your meals.

For more information on the healing properties of Atlantic sea vegetables, check out the New York Times best-selling book, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods.


Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse

The Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse from the New York Times best-selling book, Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cysts, Fatigue, PCOS, Fibroids, UTI, Endometriosis & Autoimmune, removes toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and copper from the brain and body. These metals cause or are partly responsible for many symptoms and conditions, including ADHD, autism, eczema, migraines, brain fog, memory issues, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and many more.

We’re all exposed to metals every day, through sources such as air fresheners, tattoo ink, scented candles, colognes, perfumes, fabric softener, toothpaste, coffee or tea from a coffee shop, tap water, pots and pans at restaurants, aluminum cans, and the air we breathe–just to name a few. It’s impossible to avoid them all in our daily life, let alone those we were born with or those we’ve been exposed to in the past that haven’t left our bodies. Toxic heavy metals don’t just naturally leave the body–they have to be removed with the right combination of foods that grab onto them and draw them out of the body safely and effectively. The Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse in Cleanse To Heal is specifically designed to help us get these pernicious troublemakers out of our bodies. It’s important to read the full details about the cleanse in Cleanse To Heal to ensure you do it correctly.

Every day for three months, or ideally six months, a year, or longer, you can follow this protocol:

1. Drink 16 to 32oz of lemon or lime water upon waking. Wait at least 15 to 30 minutes, then:

2. Drink 16 to 32oz of celery juice on an empty stomach. Wait at least 15 to 30 minutes, then:

3. Drink the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie or eat the right amounts of the five heavy metal detox ingredients separately:

cups frozen or fresh wild blueberries or 2 tablespoons powdered wild blueberries or 2 to 4 ounces of wild blueberry juice

1 tsp spirulina

1 tsp barley grass juice powder

1 cup cilantro

1 tbsp Atlantic dulse

4. Snack on apples as desired until lunchtime.

5. For even better results, you have the option to remove the troublemaker foods listed in Chapter 7 of Cleanse To Heal.

Each of these steps are outlined in detail in Cleanse To Heal.


Oregano: Bacteria Killer

Oregano is an incredible antibacterial that can help kill off H. pylori, Streptococcus, and E. coli.

Bacteria are behind many chronic symptoms and conditions, including:

  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Strep throat
  • Ear infections
  • Sinusitis
  • Food poisoning
  • Acne
  • Diverticulitis and diverticulosis
  • Ringworm
  • Candida & chronic yeast infections
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Oregano is helpful for all of these symptoms and conditions.

How To Use:

Use fresh oregano on or in your meals, such as in salads, soups, stews, Medical Medium Healing Broth, stir-fries, dips, marinara, sauces, dressings, on top of steamed vegetables, pasta, and so on.

You can also supplement with oil of oregano.

For more information on the healing properties of oregano and which symptoms and conditions it can help with, check out the New York Times best-selling book, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables, and the other books in the Medical Medium series.


Spirulina: Brain & Body Strengthener

Spirulina is an incredible ally in rebuilding the central nervous system and removing heavy metals such as mercury and toxic copper from the brain and body. Getting rid of these metals gets rid of some of the favorite fuel of pathogens such as Epstein-Barr, shingles, and more.

Spirulina is rich in iron and betacarotene, as well as bioavailable protein. It contains high levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and chromium, which reinforce adrenal strength. Spirulina suppresses bad bacteria like E. coli and stimulates beneficial flora like lactobacillus and bifidobactria in the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and proper bowel function. It can help grow fresh neurons and strengthen neurotransmitters, too.

Spirulina offers vital support to the thyroid. Its critical micronutrients feed healthy thyroid tissue and have a restorative effect on the gland, while its iodine content is very effective at acting as an antiseptic against EBV cells in the thyroid, which reduces the pathogen load there so it can heal (EBV is behind almost all thyroid issues). Spirulina can also help with nodules, tumors, and cysts.

Spirulina provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals to reestablish the liver’s storage banks of nutrients. It helps stop pathogen growth inside the liver, revitalizes the organ by binding onto hundreds of toxins and poisons and carrying them out of the liver, strengthens the liver’s immune system, and helps in its over 2,000 chemical functions. Spirulina especially aids the liver’s glucose storage and protein conversions.

How To Use:

Spirulina can be taken as spirulina powder or capsules. It can be added to the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie or stirred or blended into coconut water, juices, other smoothies, or water. You can also sprinkle spirulina over fruit bowls.

You can refer to Medical Medium Cleanse To Heal for specific supplement and dosage recommendations, including spirulina, for over 200 symptoms and conditions, you can visit the Medical Medium Supplement Directory for the specific high-quality products I prefer (not sponsored).


Troublemakers That Make Us Sick: Toxic Heavy Metals

Much as we may not want to believe it, we all have toxic heavy metals inside of our bodies. We are all exposed to them in various ways over our lifetime, and we are even born with old heavy metals such as mercury in our system that have been passed down generationally through our family lines.

Toxic heavy metals alone or toxic heavy metals in combination with a virus cause a plethora of chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo
  • Migraines
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Schizophrenia
  • Addictions
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Memory loss
  • OCD
  • Crohn’s
  • ALS
  • Cancers
  • Burnout
  • Brain fog
  • Insomnia
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Scleroderma
  • Rosacea
  • Tremors
  • Focus and concentration issues
  • Tics
  • Spasms
  • And more.

It’s critical to know the truth about toxic heavy metals and how to eliminate them from the body in order to recover from chronic symptoms and suffering. I cover this topic in detail in Medical Medium Cleanse To Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cysts, Fatigue, PCOS, Fibroids, UTI, Endometriosis & Autoimmune.

Some of the toxic heavy metals that can make us sick include:

  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Nickel
  • Toxic calcium

These metals accumulate in different areas of different organs. The two most popular places that they gather are the brain and the liver.

“Toxic heavy metals carry a disruptive charge that interferes with the electricity that travels through your brain. Neurotransmitter chemicals are meant to use the electrical neural highway there to carry information and life force to every cell in your brain. When toxic heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum are present, though, electrical impulses weaken as they hit these deposits. Electrical activity becomes diffused, and that leads to a host of symptoms and conditions that can develop over a lifetime.

It’s not only the heavy metal deposits themselves that can be a problem. Toxic heavy metals also oxidize (picture rusting metal), releasing a discharge of heavy metal byproduct, which can travel to adjacent brain cells and affect more neurons, causing additional or worsened symptoms throughout the years. Heavy metals also interact with each other, becoming something more troublesome than what they already are when they stand alone. For example, when mercury and aluminum cross paths and touch each other, a highly toxic reaction occurs and they can both oxidize more rapidly. The result is a discharge causing neurological symptoms.” You can read more about how toxic heavy metals work and how they cause symptoms and conditions in Cleanse To Heal.

Removing Toxic Heavy Metals

Toxic heavy metals don’t just leave the body on their own. We have to take the right steps to effectively remove them. The Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse in Cleanse To Heal is designed to help you do exactly that.

You could also choose to do the Advanced 3:6:9 Cleanse for an extended period of time, which also cleanses out toxic heavy metals, or bring the heavy metal detox modification I share in Chapter 21 of Cleanse To Heal into whichever cleanse you choose to do from Cleanse To Heal.

Whichever option you choose, know you will be effectively removing the toxic heavy metals we are exposed to in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the prepared food we eat, the cosmetics we apply, the gas we put in our car, the rain that soaks into our skin, and in many other ways. It’s worth pulling out toxic heavy metals if we want to spare ourselves and our loved ones the tumult and heartbreak of their long-term effect on our health.

Find out more about toxic heavy metals and other troublemakers to avoid, along with detailed guidance on how to heal in Cleanse To Heal.


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