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Trouble sleeping can sometimes be as simple as a racing mind that’s trying to solve a problem, stress, or worry in your life. We don’t need to stress ourselves out over a bad night or two. When sleeping problems become chronic, that’s when there’s more going on. Neurotransmitter chemicals are one critical part of being able to sleep. Electricity is running through every neuron as we’re sleeping. If neurotransmitters are diminished, electrical impulses have a tough time traveling throughout the brain. Low neurotransmitter chemicals or weakened ones can cause the brain to have difficulty finding balance so you can ease into sleep and stay there.

Someone may also have a sensitive nervous system due to a chronic, low-grade infection in the liver of a virus such as EBV or shingles, which often goes undiagnosed. Neurotoxins breaking out of the liver and traveling through the bloodstream can reach the brain, where they saturate, pollute, and diminish neurotransmitter chemicals. This is especially true if someone’s diet is not conducive to protecting them from viruses and building up neurotransmitter activity.

Often people with toxic heavy metals inside the brain have difficulty sleeping from toxic heavy metals oxidizing and affecting neurotransmitter chemicals. In cases of very chronic, serious insomnia, it’s usually a combination of both toxic heavy metals in the brain and a low-grade viral infection in the body. Toxic heavy metals and viruses weaken the central nervous system just enough to constantly disturb someone’s sleep or to make it very difficult to fall asleep in the first place.

Body aches and pains from low-grade viral infection or injury can also create insomnia. So can pharmaceuticals that make a liver sluggish and stagnant while feeding a low-grade infection of a virus such as EBV.

For specific healing support for insomnia, including a supplement protocol with dosages, check out Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

This item posted: 02-Nov-2022

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