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Medical Medium 20-Day Brain Shot Therapy Challenge:


Join me, Anthony William, for the free Medical Medium 20-Day Brain Shot Therapy Challenge.

Experience 20 days of Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy from Medical Medium Brain Saver and its companion title, Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes in this free challenge. This powerful healing therapy can help you when you’re up against physical and emotional challenges and toxic exposures that are impacting your health. Sign up for the Challenge to receive your free Grocery Shopping List, plus daily emails during the Challenge with recipes, videos, and more for 20 days.

About Brain Shot Therapy

Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy offers instant relief while you’re working to fix problems at a deeper level in your brain, nervous system, and body. Your brain and body have a quick response to these medicinals delivered in liquid form, what I call a “shot.” Designed to be highly absorbable in the mouth, these Brain Shots’ valuable healing components can reach the brain fast and have the ability to reset and rewire the brain, to shock it out of patterns while at the same time reducing triggers.

Medical Medium Brain Saver and its companion title, Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes offer you 7 different Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy Cleanses.

Brain Shot Therapy Challenge

What We Will Be Making?

Below you will see the Brain Shots that will be made each day of the Challenge from Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. You have the choice to do one to three of the same Brain Shot per day or up to three Brain Shots of the same recipe per day.

Brain Shot Therapy Challenge

What is the Schedule?

  • Day 1 - Food Fear Shifter
  • Day 2 - Pathogen Exposure
  • Day 3 - Nerve-Gut Acid Stabilizer
  • Day 4 - Chem Trails Exposure
  • Day 5 - Anger Shifter
  • Day 6 - Speaking Your Truth Stabilizer
  • Day 7 - Toxic Heavy Metals Exposure
  • Day 8 - Relationship Breakups Stabilizer
  • Day 9 - Ego Shifter
  • Day 10 - Toxic Fragrances Exposure
  • Day 11 - Cravings Shifter
  • Day 12 - Trauma, Shock, and Loss Stabilizer
  • Day 13 - Wisdom and Intuition Stabilizer 
  • Day 14 - Pharmaceutical Exposure
  • Day 15 - Mood Shifter
  • Day 16 - Radiation Exposure
  • Day 17 - Energy Shifter
  • Day 18 - Pesticide, Herbicide, and Fungicide Exposure
  • Day 19 - Sleep and Recharging Stabilizer
  • Day 20 - Finding Your Purpose Stabilizer

How to Prepare for the Brain Shot Therapy Challenge

STEP 1: Make sure you can follow along

Get your books:

Pick up your copies of Brain Saver (on sale on Amazon today) and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes (on sale on Amazon today). You can find the Brain Shot Therapy recipes and the Cleanse guidelines in Chapter 42 of Brain Saver or Chapter 8 of Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. Take care to read the chapter thoroughly so you don’t miss any important details.

You WILL NEED A JUICER to participate (see step 3, below).


1. Sign up to participate and get your free grocery list download

Sign up to join the Challenge to get your daily emails and the special bonus: the Medical Medium 20-Day Brain Shot Challenge Grocery List.


Prepare your Juicer

The one tool you will need for this Challenge is a juicer. Every juicer differs in its ability to efficiently extract juice from produce. My favorite juicers for not only celery juice but also for leafy greens, sprouts, wild foods, and herbs, which appear in many of the Brain Shots, are the MM900HDS and MM1500GY13 masticating juicers from Omega Juicers. Both of these juicers extract the maximum amount of juice possible from your produce, which saves you money on produce over time. These juicers are so exceptional that we have licensed our name for use on these two juicer models.

What People Are Saying

Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy is helping people all around the world move the needle on their healing in miraculous ways. See what people are saying about Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy.

This Challenge is the perfect opportunity to experience Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy and advance your healing process.

Love and many blessings


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