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Medical Medium Healing Stories

Healing Stories

Hello and welcome to the Medical Medium Healing Stories page.

From Sick To Feeling Amazing Thanks To Medical Medium Shock Therapies

Repost from @emily.masteryinlove Hello, friends. Guess what? Today I feel amazing. But yesterday I was in bed sick. So this is a quick testimonial for Medical Medium shock therapies for flu, cold, respiratory, any kind of bugs that you think you're coming down with and you think you're getting sick. Yesterday, that's exactly what happened to me. When I woke up, I was like, I don't feel good. This is...

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Ice Pack Helped Soothe Neurological Symptom

Repost from @renata__144The cold pack thing works so well for vagus and phrenic nerves issues on the chest. This part of my body is really sensitive so I was kind of nervous about doing it. I thought it might be too much but it was actually so soothing and it worked! I mean, it’s MM information, of course it worked. What I thought was going to be a whole day resting, now I’m going to be able to go o...

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Dentist Says My Gums Are Growing Back

Repost from @diy.healGoing to the dentist when you have teeth problems is never fun. Today I had an oral assessment from a new dentist.I had a lot of bone loss in my mouth all over, some places worse than others, and had a lot of gum recession. There had been talks of gum grafts and bone grafts.Today they told me that my gums look really great. My teeth have been such an issue, so hearing that I wou...

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369 Cleanse What I Eat In A Day

Repost from @berrygroovygirlDay 2 of the @medicalmedium 3:6:9 Simplified Cleanse! Having an adrenal snack!My dinner on the @medicalmedium 3:6:9 Simplified Cleanse is freshly steamed potatoes with roasted garlic, lemon juice, chives and a hint of rosemary! Already had squash and up next is a spinach smoothie!@medicalmedium 3:6:9 Day 7! For dinner I am having a liver rescue salad with steamed potatoes...

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Couldn't Get Out Of Bed For School & Felt Forgotten

Repost from @santarashealingAnthony, I am always blown away by your lives. NO ONE else is talking about the chronically ill & tools for recovery like you do. It’s such a breath of relief to know that I’m in the truth with this information from SOC. You can easily feel how pure, light filled & true this information is, in comparison to the contaminated misinformation out there that’s paid for, thumb ...

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Dissolving Cyst With Pomegranate

Dissolving Cyst With Pomegranates Repost from @healingtheroot_ I had a cyst come back on my wrist, and for the last couple weeks I’ve been bringing in pomegranate to help dissolve it. The results are incredible! 2 weeks apart these photos, look at the difference in size! Pomegranates help dissolve gallstones, kidney stones, nodules, calcifications, and small cysts. It goes to show yet again @medical...

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My Doctor Walked In The Room & Immediately Said, “Holy shit, you look amazing—what did you do?"

My Doctor Walked In The Room & Immediately Said, “Holy shit, you look amazing—what did you do? Repost from @pathofthehummingbird Today, I went to see my doctor for the first time since starting the @medicalmedium protocol. She walked in the room and immediately said “holy shit, you look amazing – what did you do?” I openly shared my journey and her response was “I’m so freakin’ proud of you for not ...

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Tried Everything Before Medical Medium Vs. Trying MM Early On

Tried Everything Before Medical Medium Vs. Trying MM Early On Repost from @loveinhealing Of those who are doing Medical Medium information, how many of you feel like you tried everything out there before you found MM, and how many of you feel like you were just starting to get sick and you found MM? A personal observation that I've noticed in the community is that the people who have tried everythin...

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7 Years On Medical Medium Info & 6 Years Cancer Free

7 Years On Medical Medium Info & 6 Years Cancer FreeRepost from @loveallwellnessAlmost 7 years now – juicing celery, applying a healthy diet & MM lifestyle. Cancer thriver, 6 years in the clear @medicalmedium

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Fructose Intolerant Problems Gone Since MM

Fructose Intolerant Problems Gone Since MM Repost from @cham3leons0ul I was diagnosed as fructose intolerant in 2015 and I cut out fruit from my diet because it was deemed as bad. Ever since starting Medical Medium, I’ve been eating so much fruit, and at the start it was a bit of a shift for my body, but now, no problems. I eat watermelon, mango, high fructose fruit and I don’t have any problems. If...

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Getting Swole On MM

Getting Swole On MMRepost from @vasili_88Who says you can’t get swole on MM?Quick and easy way to get in more glucose, mineral salts and electrolytes into your healing routines! 5 bananas, 4 cups spinach, 16oz coconut water @medicalmediumThe blueprint is laid out for you guys, just need to follow it. Consistency, discipline & patience.No meatNo saltNo refined sugarsNo caffeineNo processed foodsCeler...

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MM Protocols Clears Teen's Acne

MM Protocols Clears Teen’s Acne Repost from @kandacesilvola If you have a teen that's dealing with acne, this information is life changing. One of my teens dealt with some really bad acne, like pretty bad acne. She stopped eating dairy, gluten and eggs and some other things like is detailed in this book and took a few of the supplements and her acne completely cleared up. All the redness was gone fr...

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Psoriasis Healing Progress From Medical Medium Protocols

Repost from @nicoletanneberg Progress Updates: Since getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and taking the correct supplements my psoriasis is starting to go away! The first time since getting diagnosed when I was 17! @medicalmedium I’ve been drinking celery juice every morning for the last 10 weeks and I can’t believe how good my psoriasis looks! And my pigment is coming back! 14 weeks of celery juice ...

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The Delicious Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie That's Freeing Women From Toxins

Repost from @carolgilpin The Delicious Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie That’s Freeing Women From Toxins I am honored to be part of this article to help spread the truth about heavy metals and the BEST way to detox brought to us by Anthony William @medicalmedium! I owe my healing to the grace of God and the information he brought to light through Anthony William! You need to check it out!

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Healed Debilitating Eczema Before & After

Repost from @bex_stone_94Hello again.I haven’t posted in a long time on here but I had a huge moment of gratitude the other day that I want to share with those who follow me regarding health.The first two photos are of me today, off to host an event, founder of a new business venture, wearing makeup, with the most energy I’ve ever had in my life and the best mental health I’ve ever had too. I am sti...

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Healed From 3 Allergic Reactions & Almost No More Symptoms

I don’t like to “endorse” just anything or anymore. I say “no” to almost everyone who approach me to be an ambassador. But him, I just had to share this (and he did not ask me anything).Thank you @medicalmedium for following your bliss and helping so many people around the world!(After hearing two success healing stories in my entourage, and after a third person told me about your book, I went “ok, ...

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No More Cystic Acne

Repost from @smultron_I had cystic acne. Want to know how I healed?I read his books and listened to him and did the work.Thank you @medicalmedium for everything you share and do.No more acne!

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Rosacea Before & After

Repost from @heal_infertilityMy rosacea before using MM info was heaviest around my cheeks. I have healed it at about 90%. I have residual pigmentation from the chronic inflammation that damaged my skin, but it is healing. This is also around the time when I was prescribed antibiotics for months, which escalated my other symptoms.

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Feeling Joy Again After Healing Depression & Anxiety

Repost from @electroactiveAfter so long of mystery depression and mystery anxiety, to finally feel joy…Those who’ve experienced the horrible, horrible state of depression and anxiety can relate.Before, for so long, music was an annoyance. I would just get so bogged down by it. I couldn’t endure it at all. But now, I can listen to music.Such a cool experience to come out of such deep dark hopelessnes...

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Healed MSA Death Sentence With MM Protocols

In 2018, after 11 years of being misdiagnosed, pawned off from one doctor to the next, and loaded up with drugs that didn't help, I was diagnosed with pure autonomic failure and multiple system atrophy. I had over 26 symptoms ranging over all my body systems. MSA is a death sentence, max 3-5 years from date of diagnosis. It's a horrible, painful, slow way to die. I was terrified and felt so alone. N...

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A Piece Of Myself Returned & Now I Feel A New Strength In My Abdomen & Posture

Repost from Esme Chapman By implementing Medical Medium information, I have completely healed severe depression, PTSD, brain fog and bladder issues, all of which I had to be medicated for and no longer require any medication for. I’ve also healed depersonalization, aches and pains, acne, night sweats, consistent panic attacks, TMJ, restless leg syndrome, hyperpigmentation, tingles and numbness, tin...

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Healed M.E. / C.F.S, PTSD, Mood Swings, Fatigue, Arthritis & Burning Sensations

Repost from @healingisapardi Take care of your liver and it will take care of you! Just finished my first run through of the Liver 3:6:9 healing plan from this book and I feel amazing. I really wanted the cleanse to help me with what I think is rosacea on my chin that I’ve had since high school and part of it is completely gone for the first time! Before doing the cleanse I was also feeling irritab...

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God Gave Me A Sign

Repost from @tex369champ Today, Dec 6th marks my full 3 year anniversary on @medicalmedium protocols. Anthony William and his message have saved my life while NO other modalities have, NONE. So let me tell you… I know what it’s like to suffer, be trapped in your body in a non-stop 24/7 loop of suffering I know what it’s like to cry and scream to GOD begging for answers till you see white spots and ...

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Recovering From Vitiligo

Repost from @vinod.agarwal.393 Before I proceed I wish to heartily thank @medicalmedium Anthony William for his diligent work. He never leaves any stone unturned. He uses all the opportunities to enlighten people through FB, Insta, sound cloud, interviews, YouTube, books and what not. After starting my journey to heal from the last 14 months, I have a strong feeling of satisfaction. I will not be w...

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MM Shock Therapies Got Us Through Intense Sickness

Repost from @lightheart_mama Looking back on this sweet video of my boys from last month We have been using some of the supplement shock therapies from the @medicalmedium Brain books to battle allll the bugs moving through our house since J’s homeschool co-op started and they’ve helped us recover from some really intense sicknesses. The boys started taking propolis yesterday mixed in apple juice, a...

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Unlike Everyone Else, There's No Spiritual Capitalism

Repost from @heal.connect.dignify Some people criticize the self-help world for the reason that a lot of courses, programs, and coaching sessions promise "one thing" to be the key out of your pain and suffering, which then keeps customers zeroed in and financially dependent on that one thing. The "one thing" trap is very real, and I commend the people that call it out...up until they lump @medicalm...

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I Struggled With Eczema For Years

Repost from @healthy_healer Are you stuck in a health crisis? Crippled by chronic illness? Searching for answers? Stuck on a merry-go-round of visiting doctors offices? Let me tell you, I have been there, I know the pain, the loneliness, the anger, the confusion, the anxiety, the frustration, the ‘"I can’t do this anymore."I am here to tell you that life is out there, a life free of illness, is out...

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Husband Ready For First Muay Thai Fight At Age 37

Repost from @juicebytash How it started vs how it's going. Saturday is fight night!! My husband's first Muay Thai fight at... 37 years old lol Wallies weight has always fluctuated over the years, from his heaviest at 200lbs to now his lightest at 135lbs! For a couple years now he's talked about having a fight, and that dream is now coming true. Thanks to his coach @kierankeddle for getting him this...

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1 Year Progress With Acne

Repost from @charlotteblively This is your reminder that you will heal your skin, or anything else you are struggling with for that matter. I can't believe my skin used to look like this...and this was not even when it was at its worst!! This was a result of viruses and toxic heavy metals inside of my liver that had to come out.

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Criticized For Lifestyle, But Healing Anyway

Repost from @healing.with.bliss If I had a dollar for the amount of times a family member has judged my healing lifestyle with food and cleansing over the past 2.5 years, I would be rich! Top critiques are: quality of life diminished because I don’t eat “normal” food (and therefore, don’t eat out at many restaurants); my morning cleanse and food preparation are time consuming; @medicalmedium gets h...

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Gained 15.8 Pounds Of Muscle

Repost from @livelifeandlovecoach Nutrition is the way to these results. Gained 29 pounds in 34 days. Put on 15.8lbs of muscle and lost 4.9lbs of fat in the process. looking to make a change in your lifestyle hit up my line. I focus on @medicalmedium protocols Lemon Water, Celery Juice, Liver Rescue Smoothie, Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, Certain Brain Saver Shots, and many more healthy option in my ...

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Most Profound Moment Of My Life

Repost from @marisaspiritual Are you still reflecting and reminiscing about the @medicalmedium Light Blast? What a profound experience, body and Soul. To be put simply, the most gentle and relaxing, yet deeply cleansing and healing encounter with the Light, with God. Although held virtually, it was palpable how you could feel surrounded by the many Souls, the many beating hearts, sharing in togethe...

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Healed From Ayahuasca Poisoning

Repost from @mattlovesbananas Have you ever experienced something so traumatic that you lost a part of yourself that you loved? That happened to me in June 2019 from Ayahuasca poisoning. I went into the experience with high hopes that this psychedelic would heal my past traumas of losing my mother as a baby & difficulty with certain family members growing up. It had the opposite effect. I developed...

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Was Incredibly Bloated Before

Repost from @chicanasana BEFORE, I was incredibly bloated, with high levels of inflammation, struggling with an incredible amount of pain and countless other symptoms. I was always nauseous with stomachaches and confused as to what I could eat that wouldn’t make me sick. I had gone on and off antibiotic treatments struggling with IBS, H. pylori, and typhoid fever. I had started vomiting every morni...

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Completely Healed From Schizoaffective Disorder

Repost from @joshuatreeoflife144 LEFT (2001): Mostly healthy college-aged adult struggling with stress overload, burnout, and depression at Cornell. MIDDLE (2003): After 2 years in the hands of medical research and science with no answers for my symptoms, which progressed to psychosis, the day of my first inpatient hospitalization, lost 40 lbs, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. RIGHT (2017):...

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Thank You AW

Repost from @bgcompassion @medicalmedium Thank you for your diligence, perseverance, compassion, love, and light!!!!! Due to your fighting spirit, we get to access healing information from the Most High God via Spirit of Compassion!!! Thank you!

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Healing Parkinson's Disease & Walking Again

Repost from @healing_parkinsons Ever since applying the @medicalmedium information in my daily life, it’s been a journey of up and down but slowly moving forward and healing Parkinson’s Disease. I’m so grateful that I’m able to battle this horrible disease. Although I started feeling better after 3 years of cleansing and pain and cramping disappeared, movement and tremors became worse. I came to a ...

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Bladder Pain Getting Better After 12 Years

Repost from @sweatsandthecity I’m only 3 months in, but here’s my personal story and progress I’ve seen incorporating some of the @medicalmedium protocol, particularly morning celery juice. I will continue to keep you guys updated (and would love any advice or personal experience shares on things that have worked for you all!)

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Shocking Transformation In Less Than A Year

Repost from @bigsmoincofficial The first photo is from March 1, 2021. I had been vegan for over a year and I had been drinking celery juice since June of 2020. It wasn't until in 2022 that we really refined our diets. We cut out all gluten in October of 2021 and then all oil in April of 2022. Over time we have eliminated some other ingredients to have a diet that's as pure as we can aspire to be. I...

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Sinus Congestion, Bloating, Come & Go Acne, & Neck Pain Getting Better On 369 Cleanse

Repost from @rad_healing98 Finished my first Original 369 and I’m going again! Since being on @medicalmedium for a little over a year now, I have had some very stubborn symptoms (especially after getting cov**) such as sinus congestion, bloating, come and go acne, and neck pain. During this cleanse, I felt these symptoms getting better which is why I am going to repeat it!! I know Strep and Epstein...

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Healed Psoriasis & Gut Condition

Repost from @healingwithpaul This is what a bad diet, psoriasis, and an overburdened liver looks like once EBV makes its appearance. After numerous doctors’ appointments, several antibiotics and several steroid creams/shampoos I had hit rock bottom with no answers. I then experienced anxiety and depression. Finding @medicalmedium has pulled me out a rut and healed my skin conditions my gut conditio...

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Healed Bloating & Brain Fog

Repost from @camillamaria11 Last day of 3:6:9 cleanse by Medical Medium. I’m telling you I’m so blown away by this, fruits and vegetables have new meaning to me now. It has changed everything, cleansing my liver from toxins that accumulates over the years, from the food we eat and from the environment! Didn’t know how much impact it has on our health as we get older, ESPECIALLY ON WOMEN (due to our...

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I Thought I Could Be My Own Health Expert

Repost @sunflower.house.healing Can you be your own health expert? I thought I could be once… however after TWENTY SIX YEARS of searching for answers, trying EVERY healing diet out there, seeing multiple functional doctors, naturopathic doctors, and healers, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know… until I found @medicalmedium and his information! If you think you can be your own healer bc you’ve only...

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Healing Alopecia

Repost from @healing.alopecia I work for God. I work for the light and I believe I can heal. The eyes are the reflect of the soul and all I can see through my eyes is light. It’s been a long tough journey, but after 2.5 years of applying MM, many ups and downs, I AM FINALLY HEALING and I just want to express to this beautiful community that you are not alone and we will get there, sooner or later. ...

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The Options Are Delightful And Delicious

Repost from @healthy.interest LIVER RESCUE SALAD. For my first 3:6:9 Cleanse, I based my meal plan in the 3:6:9 from the ‘Liver Rescue’ book. These last few times I’ve gone with the ‘Cleanse to Heal’ book 3:6:9 guidance and I must say, the options are delightful and delicious - deliciously delightful! (I like that. I think I’m going to use that phrase more often). It can be tough at first to get th...

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