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Video: Healed MSA Death Sentence With MM Protocols

Healed MSA Death Sentence With MM Protocols

Healed MSA Death Sentence With MM Protocols

In 2018, after 11 years of being misdiagnosed, pawned off from one doctor to the next, and loaded up with drugs that didn't help, I was diagnosed with pure autonomic failure and multiple system atrophy. I had over 26 symptoms ranging over all my body systems. MSA is a death sentence, max 3-5 years from date of diagnosis. It's a horrible, painful, slow way to die. I was terrified and felt so alone. No one understood what I lived with, bedridden and in pain, unable to even hold a conversation. I saved up enough sleeping pills to make my exit on my terms.

I didn't diagnose myself. This was by a neurologist at Penn State Hershey, after batteries of physical tests, bloodwork, & DNA tests.

I used several alternative therapies that pulled me back from the brink.

But it was MM protocols that turned my health and my life around. I don't care what anyone might say about you, I am living, breathing, walking, flying, traveling proof that you are the Real Deal, and your information is accurate and works. In Dijon France last year. That's me on the left. I'm going back to France this year. I'm supposed to be dead.

This item posted: 01-May-2023

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