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Medical Medium Health Articles

Health Articles

Hello and welcome to the Medical Medium HEALTH ARTICLES page. I'm so happy to have you here. Visit this page anytime for inspiration and valuable insights on foods that will help you to heal and feel your best. Happy reading!

Dandelion: Powerful Cleanser

Dandelions help you cleanse out radiation, toxic heavy metals, DDT, and other poisons. What makes the dandelion unique is that every part of the plant can be used: root, leaves, flower, and even stem.  The flowers cleanse the hollow organs such as the stomach and intestinal tract, gallbladder, bladder, lungs, uterus, and heart. Phytochemicals in dandelion leaves purify blood and also help bring...

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The Nutrient's Crusade

When a doctor tells you that you have deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, what she or he should really be saying is, “Your liver has some problems.” Just as your liver is meant to store glucose, it’s also meant to stow away every single vitamin and mineral, as well as other nutrients, so that even if you’re not getting enough of a certain nutrient in your current diet, your body can draw ...

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Kidney Health

Kidney stones are produced from high-protein, high-fat diets. Kidney stones can be protein-based or calcium-based or even some of both. Kidney injury is what leads to kidney dysfunction and disease. It can come in different forms. One form is toxic injury from pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and solvents. By far the most common cause of kidney disease...

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Compassion is the understanding of suffering. It is the most important element in healing. There is no peace, joy, or hope until those who suffer are understood. Compassion is the soul of peace, joy, and hope; without it, they are empty. Compassion fills them with truth, honor, and purpose. Compassion is the soul of peace. It is the power, path, life, source, answer to, and creator of peace. We thin...

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Pears: Pancreas & Digestion Support

For pancreas protection and stress assistance, we must turn to the pear. This neglected fruit helps rejuvenate this neglected and overtaxed gland, helping to alleviate pancreatitis and helping to prevent pancreatic cancer. Pears are amazing for aspects of digestion. They act as an antispasmodic; help to soothe the linings of the stomach and intestinal tract; feed beneficial bacteria; starve and kill...

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Artichokes: True Superfood

Artichokes are one of the most abundant sources of nutrition, filled with phytochemicals such as lutein and isothiocyanates; vitamins such as A, E, and K; amino acids; and enzymes. They are B12-enhancing stars, wonderful for bringing balance to the gut. Artichokes are dense with minerals such as silica, which is one of the foundational minerals of our bodies that’s critical for our existence. Artich...

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Root Canals

Root canals are often blamed for mystery symptoms and illnesses people are experiencing. In truth, it's often not the root canal, but viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, chemical exposure, radiation, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and many other toxic exposures that are the cause of chronic illness & mystery symptoms.Root canals do have their issues, but when a cavity is at an advanced stage you e...

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Angel Of Trust

The Angel of Trust is one of the 27 Essential Angels I share about in Medical Medium Revised & Expanded. Ask the Angel of Trust for help when you’re struggling to recover from a betrayal, loss, letdown, disappointment, or thinking you can’t do anything right. Call upon the Angel of Trust when you feel so untrusting of anything that it starts to dominate your life, to the point where you can’t even t...

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Huntington's Disease

Medical research and science believe that Huntington’s disease is a genetic, inherited condition that runs in families. Even though this theory is completely incorrect, there is some indirect merit to the observation that something here is passed down from generation to generation to generation: toxic heavy metals such as mercury. Medical research and science also believe that in Huntington’s, brain...

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All fillings contain some level of toxic materials. Most people need to get multiple fillings in their lifetime, so it's unavoidable that we have some toxic exposure from them. If you get new cavities, select the safest filling option available—and make sure it doesn’t contain mercury. Porcelain/ceramic fillings are better than other filling choices. Anything is better than a filling that contains m...

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Autism is caused by toxic heavy metals (mercury and aluminum especially) settling in the cerebral midline canal as well as other areas of the brain. In autism large amounts and proportions of mercury are involved. In particular, heavy metals heavily dispersed in the speech, language, communication, movement, and motor control areas of the brain (in addition to the midline canal) are behind autism. &...

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Essential Angels

You were born with the God-given right to reach out to angels whenever you need them. If you’ve struggled with your physical or emotional health, they’ve been your witness. Angels want to help ease our minds, rebuild our spirits and souls, and heal our bodies. They want to guide us in our most purposeful direction. Since humankind began, angels have existed to help us adapt and survive here on earth...

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How Celery Juice Helps Teeth

Celery juice is a powerful healing tool for all kinds of teeth, gum, and mouth problems. For starters, celery juice helps: Destroy bacteria & viruses behind many teeth, gum, & mouth problems Remineralize teeth Gum recession & disease Toothaches, abscesses & swelling Ulcers & cold, mouth & canker sores Bad breath Correct deficiencies Prevent & heal cavities&nbs...

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Narcolepsy, or what seems to be narcolepsy, can have different causes. One example that the medical industry doesn’t know is when someone has a chronic viral infection causing neurological fatigue, forcing them to shut down neurologically at unplanned times during the day and search for a spot where they can lie down and restore. That’s from the viral neurotoxins inflaming the central nervous system...

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Mystery Nausea & Vomiting

Almost everyone assumes nausea and vomiting are stomach-related. It’s true that these symptoms can originate from the stomach and intestinal area, when food poisoning or stomach flu are behind the symptoms. In some cases, stomach cancer can also cause nausea and vomiting.Most cases of unexplained nausea and vomiting have everything to do with the central nervous system and nearby nerves. The vagus n...

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Blowing Away Anger, Frustration, Negativity, & Hurt Meditation

This is a powerful brain meditation to diffuse, defuse, reroute, and even halt the emotions that dominate you the moment you have been triggered. Frustration, anger, hurt, and negativity can feel unavoidable at times, even unstoppable. When we get caught up in an emotional storm and the storm takes over, especially if whatever triggered it is ongoing, we end up becoming one with the negativity or fr...

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Numbness & Tingling

Numbness and tingling can come about because of direct inflammation, which is swelling of nerves throughout the body, or inflammation of the brain or brain stem that’s affecting other nerves. One way these symptoms can occur is if a virus (such as EBV, shingles, herpes simplex 1 or 2, HHV-6, HHV-7, or the many other undiscovered varieties and mutations of human herpesviruses) creates neurotoxins. EB...

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Parkinson's Disease

In the old days, Parkinson’s was fairly limited to symptoms like a tremor and a shake. Now a combination of symptoms such as general stiffness, aches and pains, confusion, depression, and anxiety may be miscategorized as Parkinson’s. If doctors were handed the tools and training they needed, they would discover that the true foundation of Parkinson’s is the toxic heavy metals mercury, aluminum, and ...

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Adrenal Fatigue

The primary trigger for your adrenal glands is stress, which causes them to produce extra amounts of hormones such as adrenaline. This is an excellent survival mechanism, however if the stress continues over a long period—for example, if you’re going through a bankruptcy, a divorce, breakup, betrayal, the death of a loved one, or some other severe turmoil—your adrenal glands may eventually become we...

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When someone exhibits symptoms of what medical communities label as lupus, the underlying cause is Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Lupus can cause many different varieties of rashes, including the classic butterfly rash. Lupus rashes are caused by a combination of neurotoxins and dermatoxins released from EBV that’s feeding specifically on toxic heavy metals, mostly mercury—because people struggling with ...

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Breast Implant Illness

Breast implant illness is a term for a broad spectrum of symptoms, many of them neurological, such as fatigue, tingles, numbness, restless legs, heart palpitations, dizziness, eye floaters, brain fog, anxiety, and weakness of the limbs.Those in the medical industry who believe in breast implant illness theorize that the treatment is to just get the implants removed, and then everything should go bac...

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Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

This condition occurs as a result of a part of the brain overexerting itself due to tiny impediments of the brain in the form of blockages in and around neurons, plus weakened neurotransmitters within areas of blockages.The tiny blockages in the brain are normally toxic heavy metals. They can also be a combination of metals, MSG pockets, and/ or chemical toxicity from anything from pesticides to air...

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Sunbathing Meditation

It will be centuries before science discovers all of the healing benefits the sun provides. Not only is it calming and warming, but the sun’s rays contain mystery elements and promote biochemical reactions in our bodies that produce more than just vitamin D.Just look at the way our pets love to find a warm, sunlit patch of the floor and bask in it. Animals love to sunbathe—they know it’s a powerful ...

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Cerebral Atrophy

While brain atrophy can occur in all ages, from young to old, it’s most common in people over 40. Medical research and science often believe that injuries, strokes, or a natural process of aging are what lead to this brain shrinkage. That’s not entirely accurate. In truth, the main cause of atrophying of the brain is the inability of brain cells to receive adequate sugars and restore glycogen reserv...

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This chronic inflammatory condition is caused by neurotoxins produced by viruses such as Epstein-Barr (EBV) saturating areas of the brain that affect the autonomic nervous system.In many cases, the inflammation is extremely mild, causing symptoms as simple as nervousness or excess sweating. Some cases are a little more intense, with neurotoxins saturating the central and autonomic nervous systems to...

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Brain Fog

Severe cases of brain fog can be devastating, making people feel like they’re losing their minds. Even mild brain fog is very challenging on the person’s mental and emotional state. One major factor behind brain fog is a liver that’s saturated with toxic heavy metals, scented candles, air fresheners, fragrances, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins that are providing fuel to the Epstein-Barr vir...

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Brain Inflammation (Encephalitis)

Millions with chronic illness live with some level of undetected or undiagnosed brain inflammation. There are three main varieties of brain inflammation. The first is the easiest to identify, and it’s the one the medical establishment does tend to recognize: the result of injury. Whether you bang your head in an accident or experience head trauma, the brain can become inflamed on a short-term or lon...

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Are Your Cranial Nerves Inflamed?

Inflammation of the cranial nerves plays a large role in chronic mystery illness. As I always say, “mystery illness” is a much broader category than anyone realizes. We think that if a condition has a name—such as anxiety, fatigue, POTS, vertigo, Bell’s palsy, neuropathy, or ocular migraines—then it must not be a mystery to medical research and science. Anyone who has struggled with any chronic heal...

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Strokes, Transient Ischemic Attack & Blood Clots

One cause of strokes is when a foreign invader enters the body, most normally, a pathogen. It can also be a toxin or a toxic substance. If the invader, such as a virus or a type of bacteria, enters the body through the mouth or lungs, its chances of causing a stroke are minimal. More commonly the invader behind a stroke enters in through the skin, penetrating past the derma directly into the bloodst...

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Schizophrenia is a physical condition. It should never be passed off as just a mental or emotional condition. If someone is severely damaged from emotional and/or physical abuse by other individuals or an institution of some sort, then yes, an emotional-mental condition can develop resembling some variety of schizophrenia. Really, that scenario is more likely a combination of severe OCD with PTSD, d...

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Memory Loss & Forgetfulness

There are different levels of memory loss and forgetfulness. It’s normal to forget some things. It’s normal for some older memories to fade as new experiences replace them. Many people who don’t have brain disease, Alzheimer’s, or dementia rely on lists to remember everything they need to get done. With so many expectations, it can be easy to get distracted, drift off task, or forget. Memory loss a...

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Medical communities believe that meningitis can be either bacterial or viral. The truth is that meningitis is always viral. The virus can be anywhere in the brain itself, or many times the virus is nowhere near the brain; it’s in the liver, another organ, or the bloodstream, causing high fevers and other symptoms. Meningitis can be the result of a chronic viral infection that’s been in the body for ...

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Cushing's Syndrome (Hypercortisolism)

A number of symptoms that could be given a number of diagnoses have been lumped under the Cushing’s umbrella, regardless of whether someone has a pituitary gland cyst or not. Actual Cushing’s is more rare than we think. Cushing’s is really a result of a long-standing viral infection: EBV is the virus that creates a cyst or tumor on or near the pituitary gland, causing it to produce an excess amount ...

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Trace Mineral Salts: Critical For Your Brain

You need enough trace minerals in your brain to light the electrical grid and create continuity of that electrical grid so your brain is functioning at its optimum level.The trend today is to say you can get your trace minerals if you put a pinch of sea salt in your water. That’s not going to do the job. That’s not going to get you the trace minerals you need. Your mineral salts have to come from le...

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

In medical research and science, IBS is a label for bowels that aren’t functioning as they should, with cause unknown. But you can find answers for what’s behind IBS here.IBS results when the colon is lined with pathogenic waste product and elevated levels of bacteria such as strains from the over 50 groups of Streptococcus bacteria strep, E. coli, and other pathogenic varieties, along with ammonia ...

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Protecting Your Brain

Our brains and bodies have not betrayed us. They’ve been betrayed by industrial chemicals and other contaminants in our everyday lives that have only accelerated in development in recent years. There are brain betrayers that we’re up against every day, the ones that challenge and defy our immune systems, the ones that take up residence in our brain tissue, the ones that contaminate our neurons and n...

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Bananas: Healing Powerhouse

Bananas have gotten a bad rap lately, blamed for being too high in sugar. The reality is that the sugar in a properly ripened banana is completely different from the cane sugar and other processed sweeteners in cookies, cakes, and doughnuts.Unlike processed sugar, the fruit sugar in bananas is bonded to critical life-supporting trace minerals such as manganese, selenium, copper, boron, and molybdenu...

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Aloe Vera Shock Therapy

Medical Medium Aloe Vera Shock Therapy is an original Medical Medium healing tool from Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. Many people struggle with gastrointestinal pain that radiates all through the abdomen and torso without realizing that it originates from the stomach or intestinal tract. Aloe vera has chemical compounds that neutralize acid and calm nerves in the intestinal tract linings...

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Blood-Brain Barrier Truths

Our blood-brain barrier was designed to keep natural, mostly bodily toxins out of the brain. When someone has a little too much uric acid buildup because a kidney is weakened, for instance, that uric acid is not supposed to permeate the blood-brain barrier. If someone gets a cut that goes deep and leads to a skin infection, then that person could develop the beginning stages of sepsis, in which case...

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Brussels Sprouts: Liver Purifier

Brussels sprouts are loaded with nutrition. They’re wonderful for the joints and help with osteoporosis. Brussels sprouts help lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, purify the liver and other dense sponge organs such as the spleen. They also help purify the blood.An ultimate liver-cleansing food, Brussels sprouts provide a vast array of chemical compounds and phytonutrients. The sulfur c...

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Brain Cell Foods Vs. Filler Foods

People often refer to “filler foods” as bad because they associate the term with unproductive processed foods, preservatives, food chemicals, and additives. In truth these ingredients should not be called fillers. They should be called toxic processed foods, toxic preservatives, toxic food chemicals, and toxic additives. These foods and food chemicals are in the category of brain betrayers.We don’t ...

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Cucumbers: Fever Reducer

Cucumbers have a fountain-of-youth effect, hydrating us at the deepest cellular level possible. Plus, cucumbers’ cooling effect makes them excellent at rejuvenation and especially effective at cooling a hot, stagnant liver. When eaten on a daily basis, cucumbers can reverse liver damage, dialing back 10 to 15 years of toxin exposure (including from heavy metals and pesticides such as DDT) and poor d...

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Chronic Anger Disorder

If posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been ruled out—which is to say, if it’s been determined that trauma from past abuse or suffering is not the cause of someone’s chronic anger, and rather, it’s unexplained—then toxic heavy metals saturating emotional areas of the brain and a stagnant, sluggish liver are the underlying causes.You can also have a mix of all three: trauma, metals, and an overl...

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Every case of dyslexia is different; each person’s experience of it is unique. That’s because of its cause: exposure in early life, even before birth, to toxic heavy metals such as mercury that saturate a combination of language areas of the brain, which could include learning, visual, and recognition regions. As I share in “Your Alloy Brain” in Medical Medium Brain Saver, heavy metals never settle ...

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Your Healing Process

Everyone is different. Not in the way we normally think. While our souls are different, our physical bodies, as humans, are meant to function in the same way. We eat food, drink water, urinate and defecate; our hearts beat and our blood pumps; we walk on our feet, we see with our eyes, we hear with our ears, our stomachs are meant to digest…until something goes wrong and we can’t. We can’t walk, we ...

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