Medical Medium - IMPOSTER ALERT

Imposter / Impersonators Warning: 

Please note that we have learned of numerous people pretending to be, and/or misleading people to believe that they are, Anthony William, the Medical Medium® and making false representations, disturbing and harmful statements and/or trying to defraud innocent consumers into paying funds thinking they are having a “consultation” with Anthony William, the Medical Medium®. We have also found that people trying to reach out to Anthony William, the Medical Medium® have instead reached out to a third party who has caused them to mistakenly believe they are communicating with Anthony William, the Medical Medium®.  We are pursuing these individuals and accounts in an effort to prevent innocent people from being harmed, and also so that Anthony’s reputation is not harmed by such false claims.

However, please be careful when reaching out to and/or sending messages from websites, social media posts and emails. Few points to keep in mind:

Anthony William does not have a website under his individual name.  Any such website with Anthony’s name in it or appears close IS NOT his website.  Anthony’s only website is:

Anthony does not have social media accounts under his individual name.  All social media accounts are under MEDICAL MEDIUM – no underscore, no missing or added letters or numbers

Make sure the MEDICAL MEDIUM account is authentic!  We stress with the utmost importance that you take a moment to look to see that the account you are in or sending messages to/from Facebook, Instagram and Telegram have the verified blue check mark next to the account name in the message, so that you can be sure you are reaching our authentic account.  If you are on YouTube, check to make sure you have the black check mark. If the account does not have the verified blue check mark, (or a black check mark for YouTube),it is not an authentic account of MEDICAL MEDIUM.

To reach us, you may send a direct message to our Facebook Account at @medicalmedium and Instagram @medicalmedium or reach us at  We are constantly battling social media to remove accounts that look so similar (i.e. an additional letter in the name, an underscore in the name, a number, etc.) and address confusingly similar websites in an attempt to prevent such confusion. Thus, we stress to be very careful when reaching out to and/or sending messages from websites, emails or social media accounts.


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