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Dentist Says My Gums Are Growing Back

Dentist Says My Gums Are Growing Back

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Going to the dentist when you have teeth problems is never fun. Today I had an oral assessment from a new dentist.

I had a lot of bone loss in my mouth all over, some places worse than others, and had a lot of gum recession. There had been talks of gum grafts and bone grafts.

Today they told me that my gums look really great. My teeth have been such an issue, so hearing that I wouldn’t even be considered for a gum graft anymore because they’ve grown back so much is the most amazing thing.

Eight years ago they told me that you could never regrow your gums. They’re not perfect. They’re not back to what they were when I was twenty, but they’re no longer in critical condition and they said that they look really healthy and good @medicalmedium.

This item posted: 04-Dec-2023

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