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Video: Healed From Ayahuasca Poisoning

Healed From Ayahuasca Poisoning

Healed From Ayahuasca Poisoning

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Have you ever experienced something so traumatic that you lost a part of yourself that you loved? That happened to me in June 2019 from Ayahuasca poisoning. I went into the experience with high hopes that this psychedelic would heal my past traumas of losing my mother as a baby & difficulty with certain family members growing up. It had the opposite effect. I developed PTSD to yoga (I believe this is due to the fact that I was on a mat similarly shaped to a yoga mat lying down during the experience) & this made it difficult to be in a yoga class again afterwards. I eventually gave away my mat. It’s something I previously loved doing & even considered getting a yoga teacher certification.

I also developed new chronic symptoms I’d never experienced before such as intense night sweats & severe dark OCD thoughts. It made some of my chronic symptoms I had previously even worse such as depression, brain fog, eye floaters, & adrenal fatigue.

Psychedelics are not what they are cracked up to be unfortunately. And yes I’m aware many people report positive life changing experiences from them & I was one of those people. I had done Ayahuasca twice before this traumatic third time. I thought I had a great experience & that’s why I went back for more. The third time was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. The reason some people can get away with doing psychedelics for a while is because they have a healthier liver that can process & store toxins more effectively. Eventually it catches up with people even if you don’t notice the effects right away. People are not being adequately followed 10+ years down the line to see what their brain health is like. Psychedelics destroy neurons in the brain and this is the “spiritual experience” people believe they are having. And they are loaded with heavy metals as well.

What I was looking for in psychedelics I’ve truly found in @medicalmedium information through cleanses, raw leafy greens, meditations, prayer, & high quality supplements. That’s where true healing has occurred. You don’t need to blow your brains out or throw up all night to heal those deep seated traumas. There is another way. God restores.

This item posted: 04-Apr-2023

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