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Recovering From Vitiligo

Recovering From Vitiligo

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Before I proceed I wish to heartily thank @medicalmedium Anthony William for his diligent work. He never leaves any stone unturned. He uses all the opportunities to enlighten people through FB, Insta, sound cloud, interviews, YouTube, books and what not.

After starting my journey to heal from the last 14 months, I have a strong feeling of satisfaction. I will not be wrong if I say I am floating on cloud nine. Celery juice and the heavy metal detox smoothie is working tremendously on me. Also strictly following his advice on what to eat and not to eat. I AM RECOVERING FROM VITILIGO. My skin is brighter, I noticed black hair growth, bowel is getting better...but amazingly not to forget the intangible recovery like calmness, consistency, building more harmonious relationship with nature and many more. It is helping me a lot in meditation too. It seems that everything is settling in life.

The picture on the left was taken on May 2018 and the right one on December 2019.

Hat's off to @medicalmedium. If anyone is just considering to start celery juice it is NOW, immediately, this moment, right away!

This item posted: 05-Apr-2023

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