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Tried Everything Before Medical Medium Vs. Trying MM Early On

Tried Everything Before Medical Medium Vs. Trying MM Early On

Tried Everything Before Medical Medium Vs. Trying MM Early On

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Of those who are doing Medical Medium information, how many of you feel like you tried everything out there before you found MM, and how many of you feel like you were just starting to get sick and you found MM? A personal observation that I've noticed in the community is that the people who have tried everything know without a doubt that MM is the way to heal, because they’ve tried everything else. They tried literally everything out there. I tried a lot of things and I was tired of scrambling. It wasn't until I found MM that I truly felt that needle move. Even in the beginning I was like, this is it. I know this is it. I have no doubt how powerful this information is and what it actually does for people. So that being said, the people that have found Medical Medium early on, it's kind of a double-edged sword because the best thing is that you didn't have to go through all the other crap. Like you found the way to heal right off the bat and you need to just go with it. But I've noticed that in those people that have not tried everything else, they'll do MM and if it doesn't heal them completely within a year or two, then they say MM's crap and they go on to look for other things. Personally, I feel like I can guarantee you that those things are not going to work and they'll end up coming back anyway and wasting time. Some people get sick with an acute problem right away and need a fix, and so they find MM. And then if they don't fully heal within a certain time, that's the factor. Everybody thinks there's a time limit on how long it takes to heal. Like, oh, I should have been healed by now. Like, how long have you been eating junk? How long have you been putting crap in your body and your body needs to repair itself. You can’t give a time limit to healing.

This item posted: 13-Nov-2023

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