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From Sick To Feeling Amazing Thanks To Medical Medium Shock Therapies

From Sick To Feeling Amazing Thanks To Medical Medium Shock Therapies

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Hello, friends. Guess what? Today I feel amazing. But yesterday I was in bed sick. So this is a quick testimonial for Medical Medium shock therapies for flu, cold, respiratory, any kind of bugs that you think you're coming down with and you think you're getting sick. Yesterday, that's exactly what happened to me. When I woke up, I was like, I don't feel good. This isn't good. I had a headache, kind of dizziness, I felt like foggy. I could tell my immune system had been fighting something and that it finally had hit its tipping point. So I stopped, took the day off, rested and implemented zinc shock therapy, Vitamin C shock therapy, goldenseal shock therapy, propolis shock therapy, thyme tea and raw garlic throughout the day, along with the Medical Medium healing broth, kept all fat out and I did two 32 ounces of celery juice throughout the day. I had plenty of lemon honey water and of course I had thyme tea that I made room temperature, so it was like water. And I made the soup with the healing broth and I slept quite a long time that night. This morning, when I woke up, I literally zoomed. I jumped out of bed. I feel incredible. I kind of was having my fingers crossed because I thought, all right, well, let me see how I feel after I go to work, because I taught at the dance studio all afternoon. After I taught at the dance studio, I still felt amazing. I taught one more session tonight. I still feel incredible. So I am back. This is a huge testimonial to the fact that those shock protocols, shock protocols, shock therapy protocols will stop any kind of pathogen in it's effing track. That's incredible. If I didn't have this information, getting sick could take me out of work for a week. I know people who get sick, they're out for several days and then they're still hacking and coughing and still have respiratory symptoms for a month, if not more. So it's really, really, really vital to know what to give your body first and foremost all of the time because we should be living like this. But when you have onsets of illnesses, especially this winter, you guys, there's a pneumonia bug going around, there are bad things going around and to have your supplement cabinet stocked is vital.

This item posted: 21-Dec-2023

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