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Video: MM Shock Therapies Got Us Through Intense Sickness

MM Shock Therapies Got Us Through Intense Sickness

MM Shock Therapies Got Us Through Intense Sickness

Repost from @lightheart_mama

Looking back on this sweet video of my boys from last month

We have been using some of the supplement shock therapies from the @medicalmedium Brain books to battle allll the bugs moving through our house since J’s homeschool co-op started and they’ve helped us recover from some really intense sicknesses. The boys started taking propolis yesterday mixed in apple juice, after learning from MM how important it is in supporting the immune system. We definitely need all the help we can get this flu season!

Here are 4 reasons @vimergy remains unmatched by any other supplement company:

  1. Label requirements allow a company to have a certain percentage of ingredients they don’t have to disclose on the bottle. Vimergy says NO we aren’t gonna do that. Their products will never have that hidden, undisclosed percentage of ingredients.
  2. No alcohol, no caffeine, no vinegar, no maltodextrin, no soy, no gluten, no natural flavors (check out the commercial free Medical Medium podcast “Natural Flavor Scam: You’ve Been Had” to understand why any and all should be avoided at all costs).
  3. Vimergy does third party independent testing.
  4. They choose *only* the highest quality level of ingredients available. There’s a game out there - you can call a less quality ingredient “quality”. Supplement companies can say “quality tested” but it doesn’t mean they picked the highest quality level available. Because of price point, supplement companies don’t choose the highest tier. Vimergy doesn’t care, they chose the highest quality tier always across the board because they are about helping people, not profits.

I have nothing to gain financially from sharing this information. I share because the quality of your supplements can make or break your health and healing. Those who have been to hell and back with their health have a deep understanding of the difference Vimergy supplements makes.

This item posted: 05-Apr-2023

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