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Healed Debilitating Eczema Before & After

Healed Debilitating Eczema Before & After

Repost from @bex_stone_94

Hello again.

I haven’t posted in a long time on here but I had a huge moment of gratitude the other day that I want to share with those who follow me regarding health.

The first two photos are of me today, off to host an event, founder of a new business venture, wearing makeup, with the most energy I’ve ever had in my life and the best mental health I’ve ever had too. I am still healing and growing and I love that it is exponential.

The rest are also me in the space of the last 3 years. In the midst of healing debilitating eczema/EBV/adrenal fatigue/shingles, battling with my mental health because of it and at times only doing the bare essentials to get through the day as a mother of 2.

@medicalmedium has changed my life! If you are in it, keep going! If you are starting, have patience. If you have questions about your health, read his books! You will find truth there, answers and how to heal.

This item posted: 13-Oct-2023

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