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God Gave Me A Sign

God Gave Me A Sign

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Today, Dec 6th marks my full 3 year anniversary on @medicalmedium protocols. Anthony William and his message have saved my life while NO other modalities have, NONE. So let me tell you…

I know what it’s like to suffer, be trapped in your body in a non-stop 24/7 loop of suffering

I know what it’s like to cry and scream to GOD begging for answers till you see white spots and get blurred vision

I know what it’s like to hit up doctor after doctor

I know what it’s like to travel the world to multiple countries in search for answers to your suffering

I know what it’s like to have people around you throw things at you to “try”

I know what it’s like spending 10’s of 1000’s of dollars trying every supplement under the sun

I know what it’s like to do the diet merry go round

I know what it’s like to try all the theoretical trendy traps

I know what it’s like to have a significant other not acknowledge what you’re going through

I know what it’s like to not see your friends

I know what it’s like to be stuck at home

I know what it’s like to constantly have to explain why and what you’re eating to family at gatherings

I know what it’s like to question your sanity and existence being let down over and over

I know what it’s like to follow online advice from “health experts” and get led astray

I know what it’s like to lose it all and go into debt

I know what the sacrifice is like, the grind, the ups and downs, the fear, the doubt, the worry, the fights and arguments with friends and family, the tears, the little victories and the major setbacks

I know what it’s like to stumble upon Medical Medium after ignoring multiple signs, reading the material then bawling your eyes out because the books hit your soul

But lastly, I know what it’s like to make massive strides in your healing. God gave me a sign. I took it and rose from ashes. For all of you suffering, struggling, and working on your healing, I say this to each of you: YOU ARE EACH YOUR OWN UNIQUE PHOENIX RISING OUT OF THE ASHES

This item posted: 06-Apr-2023

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