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Couldn't Get Out Of Bed For School & Felt Forgotten

Couldn't Get Out Of Bed For School & Felt Forgotten

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Anthony, I am always blown away by your lives. NO ONE else is talking about the chronically ill & tools for recovery like you do. It’s such a breath of relief to know that I’m in the truth with this information from SOC. You can easily feel how pure, light filled & true this information is, in comparison to the contaminated misinformation out there that’s paid for, thumb on scale, interest group or private funding backed etc. With this information, I’m truly free from the guessing games & confusion out there…

I felt forgotten all those years growing up when I couldn’t get out of bed or go to school or socialize with my peers. Finding this information was a powerful reminder that I wasn’t forgotten, that I never was. Thank you Anthony. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for TRULY caring. Thank you for being the messenger all these years with all that you have been through – I can only imagine how hard it has been. I’m in tears. Sharing SOCs information along with everything you have done, whether seen or not seen, has given me a chance in this world. God bless you. I pray for yours, your family’s, & the MM teams’ safety & protection, always

This item posted: 27-Nov-2023

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