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Video: Criticized For Lifestyle, But Healing Anyway

Criticized For Lifestyle, But Healing Anyway

Criticized For Lifestyle, But Healing Anyway

Repost from @healing.with.bliss

If I had a dollar for the amount of times a family member has judged my healing lifestyle with food and cleansing over the past 2.5 years, I would be rich! Top critiques are: quality of life diminished because I don’t eat “normal” food (and therefore, don’t eat out at many restaurants); my morning cleanse and food preparation are time consuming; @medicalmedium gets his information from above (spirit of compassion) making it a scam or a “cult”; I need meat or higher protein.

All of these concerns come out of love, fear, or maybe personal inconvenience since I don’t eat out at many restaurants or drink alcohol.

But the irony?

  1. My quality of life is higher than it has EVER been! I have less days depressed, anxious, and irritable than ever before, I rarely experience vertigo and a spinning sensation anymore, and my acne is gone.
  2. I ENJOY cooking and even though it’s time-consuming and annoying at times, I’d rather have the mental capacity to follow a recipe and the energy to spend time in the kitchen with my kids than be on mattress island crying all day.
  3. Anyone who believes in spirits or a higher power can believe that there are spiritual messengers delivering information to us from above, not to mention that this healing information has already healed MILLIONS of people from chronic illness, giving it a ton of credibility.
  4. Literally every fruit or vegetable has some amount of protein and the body runs mainly on glucose. We cannot cleanse toxins out of the body without lowering our fat intake since a high fat diet overburdens the liver.

I no longer need to binge drink alcohol or binge eat dairy, eggs, and gluten anymore to feel happy or calm. These are facts that I NEVER thought I would be saying. Not to mention- I can take care of myself AND 2 little humans, plus maintain a romantic relationship with my husband.

Leading by example to prove that ANYONE can heal from chronic illness with @medicalmedium info.

This item posted: 04-Apr-2023

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