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Video: Unlike Everyone Else, There's No Spiritual Capitalism

Unlike Everyone Else, There's No Spiritual Capitalism

Unlike Everyone Else, There's No Spiritual Capitalism

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Some people criticize the self-help world for the reason that a lot of courses, programs, and coaching sessions promise "one thing" to be the key out of your pain and suffering, which then keeps customers zeroed in and financially dependent on that one thing.

The "one thing" trap is very real, and I commend the people that call it out...up until they lump @medicalmedium into the "one thing" category.

MM info is not just "one thing." It's many things that will move the needle on chronic symptoms. It's a set of answers and customizable tools for unique situations.

MM info is not just fruits and vegetables, or celery juice, or the heavy metal detox smoothie, or eating plant-based. It’s soul-healing meditations, unique information on a variety of topics from aliens to EMFs, accommodations for meat eaters, free light blasts, and free livestreams on trauma, the soul, and emotional healing. It comes from one source, but that one source never claims that one thing will be the key out of your suffering.

MM is antithetical to typical “health guru” business models, because Anthony William doesn't offer any courses or cleanses, nor does he have any advertisers. The only things he openly endorses are @wymansfruit, @vimergy products, and @omegajuicing’s celery juicers, all of which help to move the needle and save money on celery in the long run.

People with (usually) good intentions will misconstrue MM with spiritual capitalism likely because they haven’t dove into the information themselves, they don’t like AW’s personality (“He keeps pushing his books!”), or they judge the source. But just because AW sells books or has a quirky style of messaging his information doesn’t make him a snake oil salesman.

Love it or hate it, in this system we all need capital to buy produce, have heat in the winter, etc. — and in AW’s case, pay his team and other business expenses. In this case, capital is not an issue as much as how it’s gained and used.

While many self-help businesses will use the "one thing" mentality to exploit customers, @medicalmedium ain’t that. To see for yourself, check out the diversity of free info under the “Essentials” section of his website.

This item posted: 05-Apr-2023

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