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Video: Cold & Flu Protocols & Shock Therapies For Healing

Cold & Flu Protocols & Shock Therapies For Healing

Cold & Flu Protocols & Shock Therapies For Healing

Did you know that Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes includes supplement protocols with dosages for colds, flus, and COVID? Not just for adults but for children too. There are supplement protocols for children from the age of one to two years old, all the way to age 13 years and up, that you can consider and take to your doctor to discuss what’s best for your child.

Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes also offers you original Medical Medium Shock Therapies using specific healing ingredients or supplements. These Shock Therapies are powerful healing tools to rebuild your immune system by fueling it with what it needs to fight an infection, support your brain and body through an emotional challenge, calm and restore your nervous system, strengthen and heal your digestive system, and/or purge, rebuild, and fortify your lymphatic system—whether you’re dealing with a condition that’s occurring for the first time or you’re experiencing a relapse.

The shock therapies in Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes include:

Medical Medium Zinc Shock Therapy

This incredibly effective healing tool has helped countless people prevent getting sick, or turn around symptoms of a cold or flu in record time. Zinc stops the immune system from overreacting or underreacting and slows down viruses and unproductive, aggressive bacteria. Use Zinc Shock Therapy at the first sign of a cold, flu, or COVID or when you suspect you have been exposed to a pathogen.

Medical Medium Vitamin C Shock Therapy

The special combination of ingredients in this Shock Therapy work together synergistically to feed your immune system and deliver powerful antioxidant and antiviral, antibacterial healing nutrients to the body.

Medical Medium Lemon Balm Shock Therapy

Lemon balm stabilizes nerve cells. Lemon balm does this by entering into nerve cells, recalibrating them, and reestablishing a balance after nerve cells have been triggered into high-intensity reaction. Lemon balm also protects nerve cells from corrosive adrenaline that is released during an emotional crisis.

Medical Medium Goldenseal Shock Therapy

Goldenseal is antibacterial and antiviral, and as a result, goldenseal is anti-inflammatory because it reduces pathogens and aids in restoring weakened immune cells. Medical Medium Goldenseal Shock Therapy can be used with both acute conditions and ongoing chronic conditions.

Medical Medium Thyme Tea Shock Therapy

Thyme contains a phytochemical compound that is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-yeast, and anti–unproductive fungus that stays circulating inside the bloodstream long after nutrients from other foods have either been utilized, dissipated, or eliminated out of the body. Thyme lingers, creating a time-released protective barrier against pathogens.

Medical Medium Propolis Shock Therapy

Propolis is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial medicinal tool. If the propolis is high quality and used correctly, it has the ability to slow down, reverse, and even stop infections of many different varieties. Propolis doesn’t just contain one antiviral agent compound. Propolis carries multiple antiviral agent compounds—sometimes even dozens.

Medical Medium Aloe Vera Shock Therapy

Aloe vera has chemical compounds that neutralize acid and calm nerves in the intestinal tract linings, slowing down and stopping intestinal spasms. Aloe neutralizes acids and inhibits bacterial and viral growth as well as yeast, unproductive fungus, and mold growth. Aloe vera also soothes the linings of the intestinal tract, calming inflamed intestinal tract nerves, inhibiting gastric nerve spasms, and alleviating pressure on the vagus nerves

Medical Medium B12 Shock Therapy

When we go through difficult physical or mental events, including long-term chronic illness, we lose B12 reserves. B12 depletion can be rapid in the moment of a crisis and then show up years later as additional health problems. For more insights into B12, see the chapter “Your Burnt Out, Deficient Brain” in Brain Saver.

Medical Medium California Poppy Shock Therapy

California poppy contains specific alkaloids that soothe and calm pain receptor cells, specifically around cranial nerves and the brain stem. California poppy can be used to take the edge off or minimize heightened pain.

You can find both adult and children’s dosages for Medical Medium Shock Therapies in Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

Both Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes are on sale today on Amazon for 42% off and 50% off respectively, so this is a great time to get yourself or a loved one a copy!

Medical Medium Shock Therapies have a profound record of helping people overcome health obstacles. These supplement therapies can be useful for almost anything you’re ailing with. They’re powerful whether you’re up against intense stress or need a shift from a long-standing chronic illness roller coaster ride.

Love and many blessings

This item posted: 30-Dec-2022

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