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Video: Trace Minerals Vs. Toxic Heavy Metals

Trace Minerals Vs. Toxic Heavy Metals

Trace Minerals Vs. Toxic Heavy Metals

Our brains rely on trace minerals. These good metals include beneficial, non-industrialized forms of gold, calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium, chromium, palladium, vanadium, and more. Trace minerals are life-giving peacekeepers in the brain. They contain information that comes from life sources of the planet and also life forces outside the planet, from the solar system and galaxy. These minerals play an integral role with the mineral salts in our brain and the sugar that carries minerals and electrolytes to our brain. Electricity in our brain is reliant on trace minerals as fuel.

Trace minerals are there to transfer information, to keep our brains from shrinking, to feed our brain’s immune cells, keeping them strong. Trace minerals control electrical currents and help prevent extreme heating in the brain. Trace minerals are also there to do much more. They directly connect to our soul and are necessary for us to live, eat, and breathe.

Toxic heavy metals are life-taking. Our brains can harbor mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, barium, nickel, aluminum, toxic calcium, toxic copper, toxic chromium, tin, and more. They’re part of how our bodies rapidly age and degenerate. They can weaken, burn out, short out, twist out, interfere with, toxify, and denature our brain’s natural electrical currents, currents that allow us to think, feel, and function optimally.

The presence of toxic heavy metals is extremely dominating and extremely controlling physically, mentally, and emotionally—and because of this, toxic heavy metals are mind-altering. They can disempower a person, make decisions for them, by getting in the way of clear thinking. They cause or contribute to many chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions.

Toxic heavy metals inhibit brain enzymes, brain amino acids, and brain proteins, and also destroy the energetic and physical abilities of trace minerals. We want to remove them out of our brains and bodies through the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Cleanses in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. You will also learn how to supply your brain with what it needs to heal and thrive.

This item posted: 18-Oct-2022

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