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Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless legs can come from two places. First is the shingles virus releasing neurotoxins that affect the lower spine, inflaming nerves there. This is one of the undiscovered mysteries of restless legs. The neurotoxins produced by the shingles virus sitting inside the liver can settle in different places in the body depending on what those neurotoxins are filled with. Higher amounts of lead and copper being consumed by the shingles virus will result in heavier neurotoxins that tend to settle lower in the body due to their weight; they’ll often drop to the lower back, legs, and feet, irritating the nerves and creating subtle spasms. Some varieties of EBV can also create these heavier types of neurotoxins. People can have restless legs all day long while standing, working, or sitting and not realize it until they’re still and lying down for the night.

Restless legs can also occur when viral neurotoxins filled with the same methylated metals can enter the brain. Although blood flow goes to the brain when we’re standing or sitting up all day, heavier neurotoxins don’t usually flow that high with the blood. That changes when we’re lying down. Now these metal-laden neurotoxins can use gravity to migrate to the brain through blood flow. Once they get there, neurotoxins can saturate brain tissue, interfering with neurotransmitters and neurons and interrupting electrical impulses. The short-circuiting and stray messages this causes are what results in those uncomfortable leg (or even arm or torso) sensations.

Restless legs won’t necessarily bother someone immediately upon lying down. Sometimes it takes an hour or two to kick in. It often takes that amount of time for heavier neurotoxins to circulate and settle. At the same time, neurotoxins can short-circuit neurotransmitters and make it difficult for someone to fall asleep within the window before the neurotoxins settle and create a fresh episode of restless legs. Falling asleep quickly helps bypass a rough restless legs night.

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This item posted: 04-Oct-2022

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