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Life-Changing Angels

Life-Changing Angels

There’s a special group of angels called the Life-Changing Angels who support us via our food supply. They are the reason the foods I discuss in Life-Changing Foods are life-changing.

In some cases, the Life-Changing Angels’ job is to spread awareness. For example, these angels are the reason the organic and integrated pest management (IPM) movements have taken off. There’s also a massive group of these angels working to disarm GMO food production.

Further, these angels fortify fruits and vegetables from the ground up; they give angelic powers to every apple or spinach leaf you eat. Angels coax plants to yield abundant harvests, direct food to the hungry, and control weather for the best outcomes of the crops—even going so far as to influence wind patterns to keep as many skyborne chemicals as possible from getting into your food. Angelic forces are involved in ripening, and in some cases will soften the fall of a ripened fruit so that it remains viable for someone to eat. As you read this, angelic forces are nurturing seeds in the earth, working hard to ensure that a meal you eat months in the future will be the most beneficial that it can possibly be for your health in that moment.

Angels understand that food is a matter of life or death, and not just for humans. The life-changing angels govern and support the yearly migration of animals, traveling alongside them to help provide nourishment on their journeys. These angels also influence and protect pollinators, guiding hummingbirds, bees, and the like to the flowers of our food plants for mutual benefit. These angels are a divine power source that we have access to.

The life-changing angels want to help you. They understand that our lives are all changing, no matter what, and they want to make sure those changes are for the better. Just like fruits and vegetables are the most taken-for-granted foods, the life-changing angels are the most taken-for-granted angels.

If you would like their help, it’s vital to call upon them aloud. Find out how to receive their help and much more in the NYT best-selling book, Life-Changing Foods.

This item posted: 02-Sep-2022

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