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The aches, pains, tenderness, fatigue, and stiffness of fibromyalgia are a result of Stage Four Epstein Barr’s neurotoxins creating chronic inflammation of both the central nervous system and nerves throughout the body. This can result in mild cracks, tears, and exposed root hairs that create sensitive spots on the nerves. Some aggressive varieties of EBV go so far as to bind onto these weak points, creating even more inflammation and pain.

EBV’s neurotoxins are created when the pathogen feeds on its favorite foods, and in the case of fibromyalgia, its often toxic heavy metals such as mercury. A high-fat/ high-protein diet tends to worsen the condition.

With fibromyalgia, someone can have ongoing pain that can shift and move around the body (something I call moving pain). Discomfort in certain areas one week can shift to other areas of the body a week later. Or someone can live with a constant fluctuation of pain, from mild to more severe, that stays in the same areas.

One of the hard parts of fibromyalgia, out of many, is how everyday accidents and actions can lead to pain that feels insurmountable. Bumping into a door jamb, for example, or knocking your foot into something as you’re walking along, or lifting something too heavy, or pushing your body too far with exercise— these are often experiences of pain that someone would forget about within seconds, if they even registered the pain in the first place. For a fibromyalgia sufferer, the pain these incidents can cause is on a whole other level. EBV is also behind the common fibromyalgia experiences of sensitivity to touch, severe fatigue (that is, neurological fatigue), and a host of other issues.

The medical system is still years from discovering this illness’s true root—because it’s EBV, and it takes place at a nerve level that medical tools currently can’t detect.

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This item posted: 18-Jun-2022

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