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Angel of Faith

Angel of Faith

The Angel of Faith is one of the 27 Essential Angels I share about in Medical Medium Revised and Expanded.

The Angel of Faith can be called upon with whatever words that suit you. If you make this a daily practice, the rhythm will help you transition the habit into full-blown conviction. Tell the Angel of Faith you are finally ready. We all have a spark of faith deep within us. You can ask the Angel of Faith to grow that spark, allowing you to feel the healing liberation faith has to offer.

If you would like help from the Angel of Faith, it’s vital to ask for her help aloud. I revealed in Medical Medium Revised and Expanded that you can’t just ask for help from Angels by thinking it. However, if you are deaf, have a speech impairment, or are too weak to speak, the angels are attuned to that. In these cases, you can use sign language or your thoughts to ask for the Angel of Deliverance. She will express your soul’s wishes to the other angels, such as the Angel of Faith. The angels will take it upon themselves to read your thoughts in order to help.

In order to get a response from an angel, you must fully set your mind to her and say her name out loud. You don’t have to scream or shout—even a whisper works. As long as it comes out of your mouth, that will separate it from everything else in your consciousness and signal it as a clean message, not one clinging to anything else.

Discover how the 27 Essential Angels can support you in the NYT best-selling book, Medical Medium Revised and Expanded.

This item posted: 03-Nov-2022

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