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Mystery Fears and Worries

Mystery Fears and Worries

Unexplained cases of fear and worry are often due to a past experience that’s been triggered without us knowing—because in times of pain, our brains put up healthy, productive emotional walls to help us cope. These are boundaries that we’re not meant to knock down; these walls allow us to get through our days without being constantly reminded of what’s happened to us. Unresolved experiences remain recorded in our brains, so when we have an encounter in our present that invokes the past, it can trigger emotions we’ve felt before, even if we don’t understand why.

Much of the time, those unresolved episodes involved other people who didn’t rectify or recognize their wrongdoings. When someone new appears in our lives who reminds us—even subconsciously—of a person from the past, mystery fears and worries can surface. A gateway in an emotional wall opens because that new person awakened a memory in the emotional centers of the brain, behind the wall.

Another source of pain that can come back to visit is the trauma of once being sick or injured. After we heal, feeling a hint of a symptom or any sort of twinge again can put us into fear and worry mode without our registering that it’s because we’re afraid of being ill again. The same goes for those who’ve watched loved ones suffer. If that person close to you gets overtired or develops a cold, seeing them impaired can bring up subconscious panic.

Finally, if someone has been busy all their life—pushing through every day in survival mode from a young age without much help or support—and some of the stress finally dissipates and circumstances improve, it will take some time to process past experiences. Because that person’s not running away anymore, healing can start to happen, which means letting go of some of those difficulties. As the body is releasing hurt and hardships, worries and fears may surface on their way out. It usually takes a year in that new relationship, job, place, or other improved circumstance for healing to happen within emotional walls.

For specific healing support for Mystery Fear and Worries, refer to Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

This item posted: 05-Oct-2022

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