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Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark Under-Eye Circles

If not from a lack of sleep, dark circles or even sunken eyes for weeks or months mean there’s a hidden problem: a liver problem. It’s true for children, too. This symptom has everything to do with a toxic, dehydrated liver creating toxic, dirty blood. Where the skin is thin under the eyes, it gets dark because the blood flowing through is lacking oxygen and filled with poisons, both from present-day exposure and from the troublemakers we inherit through our family lines.

Many children grow out of a sluggish liver. In that case, the dark circles disappear. Many people don’t grow out of it, or they develop or redevelop a sluggish liver when they’re older, at which point this symptom can affect adults.

There are different levels and types of the toxins and other pesky presences that I call liver troublemakers. Some troublemakers can make dark circles appear; some can be released from the liver into the bloodstream without creating dark circles (and cause other problems instead). When the liver is sluggish, stagnant, troubled, and not performing to its full potential, it can release a whole cocktail of old and new troublemakers that can contribute to those smudges beneath the eyes. For example, pharmaceuticals are one of the troublemakers that can create dark circles. Even if you’re not on them currently, medications you took years ago that your liver stored away at the time could be releasing into the bloodstream now. Toxic heavy metals can create a long-term shadow under the eye, too, as can the family of various pesticides. Gasoline and other petroleum exposure, solvents, and conventional household cleaners can also cause them.

A high-fat/high-protein diet doesn’t help this symptom. High blood fat causes lower levels of oxygen in the blood, which can lead to chronic low-grade dehydration and blood thickening. Proper hydration on a daily basis can help clean up dirty blood and improve the liver just enough that the circles dissipate, along with cleansing out all the troublemakers making your liver sluggish and your blood dirty and thick.

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This item posted: 08-Aug-2022

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