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Baseline Supplements

Baseline Supplements

When you’re considering which supplements to take for your chronic illness, symptom, or condition, there are four baseline supplements that are a great place to start. These supplements are:

Vitamin B12 with adenosylcobalamin & methylcobalamin

  • Crosses blood-brain barrier in order to support central nervous system (brain) ⁣
  • Critical for methylation of many nutrients⁣
  • Supports function of every single cell in entire body⁣
  • Critical for intuitive, psychic, and telepathic ability and insight⁣

Liquid Zinc Sulfate

  • Kills pathogens behind chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions, including autoimmune diseases⁣
  • Everyone is deficient in this mineral because our soil and food are zinc-depleted, so supplementation is vital⁣
  • Helps suppress cytokine storms ⁣
  • Important tool for cold and flu prevention and recovery⁣
  • Helps keep immune system strong during periods of exhaustion, addictions, and bad lifestyle habits⁣

Vitamin C (Micro-C)

  • Feeds immune cells so they can fight free radical toxins⁣
  • Helps fight off pathogens behind chronic illness⁣
  • Slows down the aging process ⁣
  • Helps to stop reactivated Epstein-Barr⁣
  • Detoxifies and cleanses liver⁣

Lemon Balm

  • Anti-pathogenic⁣
  • Calms and soothes central nervous system⁣
  • Good for fighting bad bacteria in intestinal tract and calming intestinal spasms, cramps, and flatulence⁣
  • Helpful for stress, betrayal, broken trust, losses, emotional struggles, anxiety, depression, and more⁣
  • Calms the system during rocky relationships⁣

Once you’ve added in vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin C, and/or lemon balm, you may wish to then consider spirulina, curcumin, cat’s claw, and/or L-lysine. You can look in Cleanse To Heal to see if the supplement protocol for your symptom or condition includes these additional supplements and take it from there.

For more information on how to use these supplements, you can refer to Cleanse To Heal

This item posted: 15-Aug-2022

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