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Infertility is a sign of our times. Women and men alike are up against so much in our current era, from stress to pollutants to pathogens.

Individuals with infertility issues experience them for varied reasons. It could be one of the over 60 varieties of Epstein-Barr affecting the reproductive system and causing mystery infertility. EBV in the reproductive system causing cysts, fibroids, inconsistent menstrual periods, fallopian tube obstruction, preeclampsia, and/or hidden and undetectable inflammation of the uterus can interfere with a healthy conception and pregnancy. EBV’s more active, aggressive presence also means that a woman may have more difficulty trying to carry a baby to term with later pregnancies.

Toxic heavy metals, DDT and other pesticides, and radiation are also causes of mystery infertility. Zinc deficiency also plays a role in mystery male infertility. A high-fat/high-protein diet worsens mystery infertility.

Another major contributing factor to many women’s fertility issues is a low reproductive system “battery.” This can occur on its own, with no viral activity in the body, or it can occur as a result of EBV draining the reproductive system of its energy and resources. A woman’s reproductive system has a soul of its own, with its own specific set of needs. In addition to avoiding certain antifertility factors, bringing in a variety of life-giving, fertility-enhancing foods, and tapping into spiritual techniques—all of which I discuss in detail in Life-Changing Foods—a critical piece of how to send your body the message that you’re ready to have a baby is to learn how to consciously rewire so you’re ready to form a new life. This is different from dwelling on your desire to conceive. This is about physically making that mind-body connection so your body learns that it’s time to start devoting resources to every last part of your reproductive system.

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful, miraculous parts of life. You can learn how to restore the health of your reproductive system in Cleanse To Heal and Life-Changing Foods.

This item posted: 19-May-2022

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