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Video: Mystery Hypertension

Mystery Hypertension

Mystery Hypertension

Your heart draws blood directly from your liver. When the liver is in good working order, it’s like sipping water through a straw. When the liver is stagnant, sluggish, hot, fatty, or toxic, it becomes a clogged, dirty filter. As a result it becomes inflamed and constricted, so it can’t process blood well, nor can blood travel through the liver as easily as it should. It makes the blood dirtier and thicker with debris and increases the suction needed for the heart to pump up blood from the liver. As someone’s liver becomes more and more congested due to liver-unfriendly food choices while also being chronically dehydrated, the heart can be forced to use 10 or even 50 times its normal power to draw blood through the body. It goes from sucking water through a straw to drawing up a milkshake to jelly. The result of all this increased suction is increased pressure—that is, high blood pressure/mystery hypertension.

Some people do eat what truly is a healthy diet. They stay lower fat, and eat higher quality fats. They don’t eat much salt or vinegar or drink much alcohol. They exercise. In these cases, a sluggish, stagnant liver can have another source: toxins. Whether heavy metals, pathogens, viral waste matter, plastics, DDT, chlorine, fluoride, or other poisons, the buildup can clog the liver, too, having the same effect of forcing the heart to pump harder and, in turn, raising blood pressure. 

It’s not one or the other, “lifestyle” or toxins. Someone can have a little bit of both going on, plus other factors. Most people in the U.S. alone are chronically dehydrated, which thickens the blood, contributing to the heart’s strain. 

You may hear that hypertension is caused by stress. The real relationship between stress and high blood pressure has to do with adrenaline and the liver. When we’re pushed past our limits, our adrenals pump out stress-based adrenaline, which the liver must sponge up in order to protect the body from damage. A liver saturated in adrenaline makes it hard for blood to smoothly process through and find its way back to the heart.

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This item posted: 26-Aug-2022

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