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One person’s depersonalization could be much different from someone else’s. It’s a large gray area bordering the threshold of depression and anxiety. The classic variety of depersonalization is the inability to feel emotionally. You’re completely numb, nothing excites you, nothing gets you upset, nothing matters, nothing interests you, and you feel like you’re not inside your body and you don’t exist. Even within this classic variety of depersonalization, there can be plenty of variables because there's a range of causes.

These causes range from emotional injury to toxic heavy metals to adrenal burnout to brain burnout to low-grade viral infections to all of the above. Each cause can vary too. For example, when it comes to toxic heavy metals, there are differences from person to person in what type of metal or metals are in the brain, where the metals reside, how close they are to the emotional centers of the brain, how fast the toxic heavy metals are oxidizing, and whether there are any other poisons, solvents, or exposures involved that can partly contribute.

Is brain fog present with the depersonalization, or is brain fog not present? That’s another variable. A low-grade viral infection such as EBV can worsen brain fog, adding to the depersonalization. The combinations are almost endless.

Depersonalization can also happen without emotional injury, without emotional trauma. Someone could have what seems to be a perfect life, and yet have severe depersonalization. Someone else could have extreme emotional abuse, hardship, and emotional trauma and no toxic heavy metals, no low-grade viral infection, and they could sustain depersonalization from the emotional injuries alone, if they’re severe enough. Someone else can sustain emotional injuries and not have depersonalization. Everyone’s threshold for emotional injuries differs.

The majority of people with depersonalization have a combination of emotional injury, even if mild, plus toxic heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum in the brain.

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This item posted: 07-Oct-2022

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