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Video: Your Emotional Brain

Your Emotional Brain

Your Emotional Brain

If someone told you they never get emotional, one of four things could be happening:

  1. They don’t realize what they’re saying.
  2. They’re not telling the truth.
  3. They handle their emotional state by convincing themselves that they never become emotional.
  4. They spend time around people who express their emotions in a much more pronounced way, so in comparison, they think they don’t get emotional.

Even when a person experiences depersonalization and says they’re numb and they don’t feel anything, the people around them would call that state of not feeling or expressing an emotional state in itself—an emotional state of being “checked out.”

Emotions are a natural state of being for us all. Many people are trying to keep their emotions in. They don’t want to be so emotional. They worry that emotions are a weakness, or they worry that their emotional reactions will get out of control and they’ll melt down in front of others. Or people worry that if they say one thing wrong, or express their viewpoint, the rest of the world will emotionally react. The world has gotten very emotional. Everyone is under so much pressure from so many directions. Our emotions are getting invaded and manipulated like never before from factors you’ll read about in Brain Saver (get your copy for 42% off on Amazon today) and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes (get your copy for 50% off on Amazon today), factors that are clouding and disrupting and unsteadying and toying with what our emotions are meant to communicate.

So many people are misunderstood. Their actions, their words, their intentions, their emotional state—they’re misunderstood by the people around them who know them, barely know them, or don’t know them at all. To truly understand what’s happening with our emotions, without judgment, we must learn what’s happening inside our brains, and that’s what I share in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

More of what you’ll learn inside these books includes:

  • The truth about many emotional tools and techniques
  • The role of electricity and heat in the brain and how they affect our emotions
  • Brain betrayers that reside inside the brain and affect our emotional state and responses
  • What causes the brain to heat up and what the heat does inside the brain
  • Why addressing the brain’s physical needs is critical for emotional support
  • The crucial elements the brain needs to be protected from overheating
  • How adrenaline impacts the brain
  • Surprising truths about breath work
  • How too much fat in the diet contributes to emotional challenges
  • What really happens to our brain and soul when we are emotionally injured
  • How emotional strokes occur
  • Making peace with our healing timeline
  • Healing tools, techniques, meditations and protocols for emotional support
  • And so much more

Trying to change people by telling them about their egos, pointing out their emotional shortcomings and weaknesses, and convincing them that their thoughts are creating their illness—those aren’t the answers to mental health, spiritual health, physical health, or emotional health. Supporting and strengthening an individual’s emotional state, soul state, and spirit while providing tools for emotional recovery is far different from subliminally trying to teach them that they’re a bad person, or that all their faults make them a bad person, or that something needs to be improved upon because they’re not good enough.

We all become emotional on a minute-by-minute basis. We’re emotional creatures, but there are factors that can impact our emotions and make life more challenging. Understanding why we get emotional—what happens inside us when we get emotional—enables us to protect ourselves from emotional damage and heal.

Love and many blessings

This item posted: 29-Jan-2023

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