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Unknown Angels

Unknown Angels

There is a category of angels to reach out to in this challenging and fast-paced time on the planet called the Quickening—an army of angels. These angels don’t have names; they’re referred to as the Unknown Angels. They are here for you when you feel embattled in any form of spiritual war, either within yourself or with outside forces. The Unknown Angels want you to ask for their help. 

There are exactly 144,000 of these Unknown Angels in existence. This is a holy number that God reveres.

Because they are unnamed, they have no notoriety or acclaim, and therefore very little temptation to develop an ego, plus their angelic powers are all equal. The Unknown Angels are some of the most powerful of all. If you have faith in them, they can perform miracles. They do their work on you while you’re asleep, restoring both your body and soul. 

This group of angels can be so powerful because life instills a fear of the unknown in us. On earth, nearly everyone and everything is named. It takes some rewiring for us to see the value of anything not known, and to tap into the deep reserves of faith required to believe in these angels. When we do get in touch with that utmost form of trust, it can have a radical effect on our lives.

While you might call upon, say, the Angel of Light, Angel of Restitution, or Angel of Soul Healing to restore your soul while you’re awake, when you go to bed, you can call upon the Unknown Angels to aid in your healing and rejuvenation as you slumber. And calling upon Unknown Angels while dealing with chronic illness can be life-changing. You can even ask them to sit by your bedside, to help you heal and keep you safe while you sleep. You can ask for just one Unknown Angel, or you can ask for a group of them together.

The Unknown Angels are eager for the chance to work on us. If you summon the Unknown Angels, you’ll find yourself tapping into a resource of profound power for healing your body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul.

If you would like their help, it’s vital to call upon them aloud. Find out how to receive their help and much more in the NYT best-selling book, Medical Medium Revised and Expanded.

This item posted: 05-Sep-2022

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