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Video: Methods of Viral Replication

Methods of Viral Replication

Methods of Viral Replication

One of the main causes of the chronic mystery illnesses, symptoms, and conditions so many people live with today is viruses, such as the over 60 strains of Epstein-Barr, over 30 strains of shingles, multiple varieties of HHV-6, HHV-7, HHV-8, over 100 varieties of herpes simplex virus 1 and 2, and many others. This is original Medical Medium information. In truth, it’s impossible to live in this world today without at least one viral strain because they are so prevalent.

Viruses can affect our brains in a number of ways, which I share in the “Your Viral Brain” chapter in Medical Medium Brain Saver: Answers to Brain Inflammation, Mental Health, Brain Fog, Neurological Symptoms, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Heavy Metals, Epstein Barr, Seizures, Lyme, Addiction, Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune & Eating Disorders. This chapter is packed with so much information about how viruses can cause brain inflammation (and not just in the way you might think where a virus directly infects the brain). I also share how to help heal your viral brain and all the symptoms and conditions it can cause in Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes For Neurological, Autoimmune and Mental Health. Both books are more than 40% off on Amazon today when you apply the coupon code shown on the amazon page.

To get a complete picture of a viral brain, it helps to understand how viruses replicate in our bodies when we don’t take antiviral action with the tools in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

Viruses will do anything to stay alive. They will adapt and realign and change their replication methods for survival. The viruses of today are all engineered and new in our modern-day history. This started in the first 20 years of the 20th century. Prior to the early 1900s, viruses were docile and untampered with by man. They may not have appeared docile because of the severe deficiencies and lack of fresh water in many areas. A docile virus is not so docile when someone’s diet consists of a single type of grain for two straight years, with no access to fresh fruit or vegetables or fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing. Plus, remedies such as vitamin C were a rarity. That’s how viruses could take hold in areas impoverished in nutrients, food supplies, and fresh water. It’s critical to understand this context for viruses prior to the 1900s.

When it comes to how viruses replicate, there are a lot of different theories. Experts often use terms like “DNA,” “RNA,” and “proteins” to make viruses seem like they’re all about genetics. I share why this is and the problems with these theories in Brain Saver.

Viruses are separate entities that we get exposed to, and then the viruses try to live the duration of their lives within our bodies. Viruses are actual living bugs that live within us.

Viruses are also replicators. Once inside us, viral cells grow in number, creating replicas of themselves. There are different varieties of viruses that cause brain inflammation, and the different viruses replicate differently.

Here are some examples of how viruses replicate:

  • Viral Replication Method 1: In this method a virus enters a human cell and then replicates inside the human cell. Then the human cell explodes, and from that explosion the virus replicas spread.
  • Viral Replication Method 2: Many viruses replicate by viral cells coming into contact with one another. The viral cells need to touch each other, which sets off a stimulating hormone within each viral cell involved. That stimulating hormone starts off the process for each viral cell to create multiple replicas of itself within its viral cell membrane. Each membrane expands, stretches, and then snaps, and out come multiple new viral cells. (Each viral cell that snapped open now becomes a dead, toxic viral corpse. These viral corpses can form a sticky, jelly buildup in the organs that can make someone sick.) Once released from the old viral cells, the new viral replicas instantly go on the search for food. This type of virus feeds on human cells that have already expired and died and whatever contaminants are in those dead human cells. When a viral cell has fed enough to mature, it seeks out another mature viral cell as a partner to start the multiplication process all over again.
  • Viral Replication Method 3: Certain viruses don’t have the ability to enter a human cell or to replicate on their own. To replicate, these viruses need fertilization, a type that occurs from another viral cell. While viruses are not male or female, with this type of virus, viral cells do fertilize each other. To do so, the viral cells will communicate between each other, and they will eventually find each other inside the body and join together for a fertilization process. One viral cell fertilizes the other, and then the fertilized viral cell releases eggs into the bloodstream or organs. This is one way the mutation process happens. If two viral cells of the same virus yet different mutations join together, their offspring after the fertilization process will be different from what the parent viruses were. While the offspring viral cells will resemble the parent cells, there will be a slight mutation.

These are three of six methods of viral replication I share in detail in Brain Saver, and there are more methods than these six also. And keep in mind, most anything to do with viral replication remains undiscovered by publicly known medical research and science. They’re still debating theories among themselves about the basic nature of viruses.

No matter what method a virus uses to grow its number of viral cells, the only way a virus can replicate is if viral food is present in the human body, which is why it’s so important to familiarize yourself with the “What Viruses Love to Eat” section in Brain Saver. Viruses also need weakened human cells to enter—cells that are lacking in supplies, which I also address in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

If you don’t consider viruses something you need to be educated about, ask yourself if you have even one symptom or condition, or if you want to avoid getting one in the future? If so, it’s very possible and likely a virus could be involved. Understanding how viruses work is imperative for us all in this time on planet Earth. Empower yourself with this information so you can take charge of your health.

Love and many blessings

This item posted: 20-Jan-2023

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