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When someone is handed an ALS diagnosis, it often leaves the patient and loved ones feeling hopeless. If this is you, take heart. As with so many chronic illnesses, ALS is only a label, not an explanation. The label of ALS alone—the fear, panic, and lost sleep it causes—is often partially responsible for someone’s sudden health decline. Understanding the true cause of ALS brings insight into how it can actually get better, because the reality is that it’s not a death sentence. Also keep in mind that you may get diagnosed with ALS when what you’re really experiencing is any of a multitude of other symptoms and conditions that aren’t true ALS. Even some of the most debilitating neurological symptoms that mimic ALS may not be ALS.

It’s unknown to medical communities that true ALS is a viral inflammatory illness, caused by a severe infection of the virus HHV-6 along with a few other herpetic virus strains that vary from person to person. This is one of the rare times when a viral infection is actually present in the brain or brain stem and even sometimes the spinal cord.

What makes the disease so severe is that toxic heavy metals—usually including a high level of copper and aluminum—are present in the brain and body at the same time, providing potent viral fuel.

All that viral activity can affect neurons because the neurotoxins produced by the viruses behind ALS are extremely potent and destructive to the central nervous system, causing symptoms such as muscle twitching, stiffness, numbness, and muscle loss. In many cases the brain stem can become highly sensitized and less responsive due to inflammation, making symptoms more mysterious and complicated.

It’s important that people with ALS stay away from the toxic chemicals listed in Brain Saver because they tend to worsen ALS symptoms.

It’s not inevitable that ALS will lead to someone losing control of their body. If you commit to removing heavy metals from your system, while avoiding as many chemical exposures as possible while reducing viral activity with the information in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes, you can finally start gaining back your health.

This item posted: 04-Jan-2023

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