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Vertigo, Ménière’s Disease, Dizziness, Balance Issues

This symptom is not a result of calcium crystals or stones becoming disrupted in the inner ear. Rather, when EBV is leaving the thyroid as it moves into Stage Four, it’s usually moving fast, growing rapidly in number—and will often release an explosion of neurotoxins into the bloodstream. The vagus and even phrenic nerves become sensitized and allergic to the neurotoxins, causing them to inflame, which causes the spins and other disconcerting balance issues. When the vagus nerve swells like this, it causes the chest and neck to get tight, and, since the nerve runs into the cranium, it even results in some very mild inflammation at the bottom of the brain. This swelling of the brain itself (which is on such a minute scale it can’t be detected with MRIs or CT scans) can compound the balance issues, going so far as to give you a chronic balance issue where you feel like you’re constantly on a boat, or aboard a flight that’s always in a turbulent landing phase.

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