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Thyroid Nodules, Cysts, and Tumors

Here’s the truth about these lumps: they are yet another sign of your body working hard against the Epstein-Barr virus. When the immune system isn’t able to destroy the virus altogether, it goes with its fallback option: attempting to wall off the virus with calcium. That’s what thyroid nodules are: calcium prisons for EBV cells. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get rid of the virus, because (1) most of the EBV cells evade getting walled off, and (2) those EBV cells that do get trapped make themselves at home within the calcium walls, continuing to feed off the thyroid and drain it of energy. If the virus cells prosper too much in the nodule, they can transform it into a living growth—a cyst—which puts even more strain on the thyroid. [...] If you’ve experienced larger thyroid tumors that are cancerous, know that these are caused by rare, particular strains of EBV. Their formation usually indicates that a person also has toxins such as elevated heavy metals and pesticides in her or his organs. (For more on thyroid cancer, see Chapter 6.)

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