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Perimenopause and Menopause

Hot flashes, weight gain, hair loss, memory loss, fatigue, brain fog—there’s a tremendous amount of confusion out there about whether to attribute these to thyroid disease or menopause. A woman may receive a change of life diagnosis alongside or instead of a thyroid diagnosis, either way giving her the sense that her body is rebelling and aging her rapidly. The truth is that these symptoms are due to neither thyroid dysfunction nor hormonal transition nor aging. Much of the time, EBV is the cause—in the previous part of the chapter, you read about how the virus is capable of creating all of these symptoms. It’s also possible for radiation or pesticide exposure to contribute to the discomforts classically associated with menopause. As I described in detail in the first book of the Medical Medium series, menopause is not meant to be a painful, uncomfortable process, and in fact marks the beginning of slowed-down aging. It just so happened that historically, the incubation period for EBV was such that it started to infect the thyroid and cause symptoms at the same time a woman’s menstrual periods were stopping, and the coincidence was mistaken for causation. These days, with more aggressive, faster-developing strains of EBV showcasing themselves, women are coming down with hypothyroidism earlier in life, and now it’s not uncommon for 25-year-olds or even college students to receive diagnoses of perimenopause. This is a mistake that leaves so many young women in an identity crisis, feeling like they’re growing old before their time, when in reality, the problem is viral—and manageable.

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