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Though the four tiny glands known as the parathyroid function separately from the thyroid, when they develop problems, the culprit is the same as with thyroid disease: EBV. Together, these glands, which are each about the size of a shelled sunflower seed, are responsible for keeping calcium levels balanced in the body—basically, they regulate calcium levels in the bloodstream. Parathyroid disease usually means that one or more of these glands have become inflamed, enlarged, calcified, cystic, or tumorous due to an EBV infection (medical research and science don’t yet know this is the cause), consequently throwing off the calcium production and monitoring system of the body. There is a tie between the thyroid and the parathyroid: When the body is creating thyroid nodules to try to wall off EBV cells, the parathyroid becomes involved. Remember, nodules are calcium prisons—so the parathyroid may respond to this nodule formation by overproducing parathyroid hormone (to assist the body with making the nodules), or in some cases under-producing (to protect calcium reserves), depending on your individual needs. When the parathyroid is overactive in this circumstance, it usually doesn’t show up on tests, because the extra calcium goes to immediate use. The parathyroid also receives physical protection from the thyroid—these glands need to be shielded from the sun, and the thyroid’s wing structure does that shielding. Like thyroid issues, parathyroid issues don’t necessarily show up on tests, so there are people walking around with undiagnosed hyperparathyroidism. One common cause of this condition is EBV leaving the thyroid at the end of Stage Three and beginning to target the central nervous system. At this point, the brain starts to require more electrolytes to support neurotransmitter function and electrical impulses, which triggers the parathyroid to signal for more calcium to support this extra electrical function needed for the central nervous system to deal with the EBV. The virus can also target the parathyroid itself, throwing it into dysfunction and directly causing parathyroid disease. This all remains undiscovered by medical research and science.

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