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Mystery Weight Gain

You might have heard that this is a result of a hypothyroid—that you have an underactive thyroid that’s failing to produce enough metabolism-boosting hormones to keep your weight in check. This isn’t how it works. [...] Here’s what’s really going on: Back when the Epstein-Barr virus was in Stage Two and hiding out in your liver, it weakened the organ and burdened it to the point of creating a sluggish liver. Then, even after the virus moved on to the thyroid, some EBV cells remained in the liver, where they could continue to cause trouble as they fed and prospered on antibiotics, other old pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, toxic heavy metals, solvents, and more in that organ. Plus, EBV’s presence in the body results in the ongoing presence of viral byproduct, dead virus cells, neurotoxins, and dermatoxins in the system that give the liver and lymphatic system continuous purifying work to do, so they keep getting strained. All of that and the adrenal glands that are overcompensating for the underactive thyroid flood the liver with excess adrenaline, giving it even more of a toxic load. [...] It’s the resulting overburdened, sluggish liver and lymphatic system that are behind a hypothyroid patient’s tendency to have difficulty losing weight or to gain pounds without control.

Excerpt from Thyroid Healing by Anthony William, p42. Continue reading and get your copy today at

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