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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The Epstein-Barr virus is the hidden cause of MS. There are two types of EBV that result in this diagnosis: (1) In this type of EBV, a person exhibits neurological symptoms such as weak legs, weak arms, mild tremors, and severe tingles and numbness. These are the result of EBV neurotoxins inflaming various nerves in the body. It’s commonly diagnosed as MS (or Lyme disease), though no lesions will show on medical scans. (2) This other type of EBV reaches the brain, where it causes lesions, mild forms of encephalitis, and very similar symptoms as the previous type. If you’ve been diagnosed with brain lesions, do not fear them; hundreds of thousands of people walk around with various lesions in their brains, from small to large, and they continue to live their lives. In many cases, the symptoms that go along with this type of EBV are not from the lesions themselves; they’re still from those EBV neurotoxins. Because MS occurs in Stage Four of EBV, people with this condition also have a thyroid problem, whether diagnosed or not. The best way to deal with either type of MS diagnosis— and with the thyroid issue—is to deal with the EBV at hand and to strengthen the nervous system. (For much more on MS, see its chapter in Medical Medium.)

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