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When EBV feeds off of its favorite foods such as wheat gluten, dairy products, eggs, and heavy metals in your system, it excretes neurotoxins that fill the bloodstream, interfere with your neurotransmitters, and make you feel less vital. As a result, your mood can drop until the virus’s feeding frenzy has died down and your vitality has returned. These mood swings can tax the adrenals, which puts strain on your liver and pancreas. Plus this viral waste matter in the bloodstream can even tamper with your blood sugar levels to the point of hypoglycemia, which further contributes to mood ups and downs, creating a vicious cycle until you crack the EBV code and discover how to stop feeding the virus. This hypoglycemia may be a mild version that flies under the radar of diagnostics. It’s also possible for these mood issues to result in a mistaken diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

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