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...insomnia is not a symptom of thyroid trouble. Even though you’ll read in the latest literature about this thyroid-insomnia trend, the truth is that a compromised thyroid does not disrupt sleep. Insomnia may accompany thyroid issues, if the virus is disrupting both this endocrine gland and your neurotransmitters at the same time, which is common. Or your troubled sleep could be attributable to any number of other hidden causes of insomnia and sleep disturbances, including emotional wounds, digestive sensitivities, liver issues, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), worry, and MSG toxicity. The entire last section of this book, Part IV, Secrets of Sleep, is devoted to helping you figure out the reason for your individual case of troubled sleep so you can start using sleep to heal—in part by learning about the unknown laws of sleep.

Excerpt from Thyroid Healing by Anthony William, p45-46. Continue reading and get your copy today at

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