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Inflammation, Enlarged Thyroid, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

If EBV enters your thyroid tissue, your immune system immediately knows that it’s present (invasion) and causing cell damage (injury), so the gland becomes inflamed. This can come with the feeling of a sore throat, pressure in the throat, or a funny feeling in your neck. It can also result in an enlarged thyroid. Further, you could have an inflamed thyroid with no symptoms at all, because everyone’s different, and every case of inflammation is different. [...] If you’ve been diagnosed with thyroiditis, understand that it’s a sign of your immune system working hard for you, doing everything in its power to fight the virus; it’s not a malfunction of your body. The inflammation is not occurring because autoantibodies are being produced by your immune system to go after your own cell tissue. The antibodies that show up on thyroid tests are present because there’s a battle going on in your thyroid between EBV cells and your immune system.

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