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Heart Palpitations, Ectopic Heartbeats, Arrhythmia

So often, mystery heart palpitations, skipped beats, and irregular heartbeats do not originate with the heart. Instead, we need to look to the Epstein-Barr virus and its effects on the liver. That’s right: EBV’s byproduct and viral corpses form a sticky, jelly-like sludge that builds up in the liver—until the organ gets oversaturated, at which point the substance begins to break apart and get sucked into the heart. The result is that heart valves, particularly the mitral valve, can get gummed up with the buildup and start to stick instead of allowing for the free flow of blood. Heart palpitations can also occur as a result of Stage Four EBV producing a tremendous amount of neurotoxins that affect the brain and vagus nerve, translating to neurologically caused heart-rate irregularities. In neither of these cases are the heart flutters life-threatening or related to the thyroid— they are, instead, an EBV-caused nuisance.

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