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Edema & Puffy Face and/or Puffy Eyes

Unless you have a true heart condition or kidney disease that’s on your doctor’s radar, this swelling happens as a result of EBV and its sludge in the bloodstream and lymphatic system. As with mystery weight gain, a liver that’s filled with viral sewage from EBV becomes sluggish or even stagnant, handing off its filtration duties to the lymphatic system, which in turn retains pockets of fluid because it’s not equipped to process this large-scale waste matter.

Puffy Face and/or Puffy Eyes 
One common reason for this symptom is a form of lymphedema where fluid is retained in the face and eye area for the same reason as above. You’ll usually find that the puffiness comes and goes. That’s because the body’s elevations of toxins go up and down as new ones come in and some old ones are processed out through urine and other avenues of detoxification. Puffiness can also occur due to viral related allergic reaction. If your diet contains foods that feed EBV (see Chapter 21, Common Misconceptions and What to Avoid), you can develop an allergy to the toxic byproduct that the virus eliminates after fueling itself on those foods.

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