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Eczema and Psoriasis

These skin conditions really all come down to undiscovered medical issues with the liver. They’re not liver enzyme issues that a doctor will find on the rudimentary blood tests available, which don’t detect much of what’s going on with this complex organ. Rather, eczema and psoriasis occur due to a pathogen—usually EBV—in the liver that’s feeding off of high levels of toxic copper there, plus old storage of DDT and other pesticides. When the virus feeds off these poisons, it releases a potent dermatoxin, which floats up to the skin, causing severe rashes, flaking, cracking, irritation, and itching. Ideally, the liver would filter out these dermatoxins like other debris, and the intestinal tract and kidneys would send them out of the body. However, when EBV is overloading the liver and the rest of the body, normal detox processes get interrupted, which is why these toxins end up trying to leave through the skin. The worse off the liver is, the worse the eczema or psoriasis, as the liver’s impeded function means more dermatoxins escape. People with more eczema or psoriasis are also more prone to experience hair loss on the scalp.

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