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Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s is understood by medical communities to be an adrenal dysfunction, and that’s true to a degree. What isn’t understood is the full underlying cause: When you’ve had a thyroid condition from EBV for a long time, your adrenals have spent years in overdrive, trying to fill in as the thyroid hormone creators and balancers. An EBV-strained liver, too, puts further stress on the adrenals. On top of this adrenal strain, people with Cushing’s have typically also encountered massive stress in life and faced other factors, such as poor diet, that weakened the adrenals. Pushed to the max from these multiple sources, the adrenals become dysfunctional, and the result is weight gain in certain areas of the body, along with skinnier arms and legs. Though you may hear otherwise, true Cushing’s usually hits when people are in their mid-40s to mid-60s, due to the time it takes for the adrenals to become so imbalanced.

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