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When someone experiences heartburn, half the problem is in the stomach and the other half is in the liver. That’s because acid reflux actually occurs from low hydrochloric acid (a beneficial acid) in the stomach—which commonly happens when the liver is dysfunctional from EBV and so under-produces bile to aid with digestion. As a result, bad acids in the stomach rise. When they go up the esophagus, the sensation is heartburn. It’s unknown to medical research and science that not only can EBV contribute to acid reflux; the condition also gets in the way of thyroid healing. When people have elevated levels of unproductive acids in their stomachs due to low hydrochloric acid (good acid), those bad acids tend to rise up the esophagus during sleep, going all the way to the throat, where they outgas ammonia, which can seep directly into the thyroid and inhibit the gland’s healing.

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