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Varicose Veins

What really happens when someone develops varicose or spider veins is that their blood has become chronically dehydrated and chronically thick over the years. Blood gets thick because it’s become chronically dehydrated over the years at the same time the liver has filled with poisons that have backed up into the blood year after year. A higher-fat diet, where blood fats are always elevated in the bloodstream with no relief because someone eats three high-fat meals a day, often without realizing it, can also contribute to thick blood. This thick blood isn’t easy on the vascular system, and so the body adjusts. It realizes that due to its viscosity, the blood is often moving more slowly than it should as it travels through arteries and veins and will eventually cause problems. 

When the blood gets thick, our blood vessels tend to narrow slightly, because water is the natural expander of our veins. This means the heart must work harder to bring up soupy, toxic, dehydrated blood from the lower extremities, and this increased suction pulls the walls of the veins inward, which makes the movement of blood slower. Slow-moving blood makes the heart work even harder, which in turn puts the brain on alert. To alleviate the heart’s strain, the brain calls out for increased blood flow. In response, certain proteins, enzymes, and hormones that are undiscovered by medical research and science start cell production in order to broaden pathways for blood. This spurs the expansion of existing veins and the growth of new ones, in what’s almost a mutation of your blood vessels. That’s when you see those varicose and spider veins appear. They’re not a perfect solution, and ultimately, they don’t solve the problem. What they do is serve as a warning flag for someone to change what she or he is doing and detox the liver in order to clean up the blood. When that happens, it can stop the growth of additional varicose and spider veins, and existing ones can even reduce over time.

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