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Mystery Hunger

So many people are dealing with low glucose and glycogen reserves, causing our livers and even our nervous systems to go hungry and pass along that hunger to us. When our reserves are low, our heart, kidneys, reproductive system, and spleen are hindered, too, though it’s the liver and nervous system that hold the hunger—mostly the liver. 

How do we run out of the liver’s glucose and its stored version, glycogen, in the first place? An overabundance of stress to the liver. One frequent stressor is pathogenic activity—that is, a virus and/or bacteria in the liver feeding on its storage of poisons such as toxic heavy metals, byproduct and sludge from other pathogens, plastics, and petroleum from drugs. As the virus feeds, it leaves behind waste products, creating an even larger landfill deep within the liver, which gives the liver a greater struggle to fuel itself with what it needs to function: glucose from critical clean carbohydrates.

When someone experiences mystery hunger and is also overweight, it’s often a sign that the liver is in a pre-fatty or fatty state. In this case, the extra fat cells accumulated in and around the organ create the liver stress, hindering its capacity for glucose storage. If someone is underweight or at a normal weight and constantly hungry, there’s a good chance that excess adrenaline is contributing to it. Rushes of adrenaline saturate the liver and hinder its ability to build up glucose reserves, essentially starving the liver lobules that are in need of fuel. 

Someone can experience all three liver stressors that contribute to mystery hunger at once: pathogenic activity, a pre-fatty or fatty liver, and excess adrenaline. In that case, the liver is even more sorely in need of glucose reserves. Aside from taking care of underlying liver issues, the best approach to saying good-bye to constant hunger is to feed your liver—and yourself—with what it really needs in the way it needs it (which I share in Liver Rescue.)

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